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Magnetic Tool Holder Designed to hold work magnetically for Inspection and Layout work, very useful for holding odd shaped parts for grinding, having large magnetic surface of 100×175 mm. precision ground. Accuracy for flatness, parallelism and squareness is within 0.005mm.
Standard AA – 1511 S : ‘CRYSTAL’ Magnetic Holder has instant grip at the turn of a handle. Incorporating Plain and Vee faces, it is equally effective in securing iron, steel sheets, bars or tubes, on machine bed or any other flat ferrous base. This can be used in Tool Room, Shop Floor, Inspection Department, Assembly Shop, and has unlimited application in Welding Shop.
The magnetic holder is a compact unit housing powerful permanent magnet and cannot be demagnetized unless it is dismantled [which should not be attempted in any case]. Maintenance requirement is limited to occasional oiling and regrinding of he magnetic contacting faces, which should be flat and smooth to ensure maximum holding power. Any welding splash can be removed with a smooth file.
Hardened AA -1511 H : Same as Cat.No.AA-1511 S but with hardened holding surface and ‘V’ angle. With this type, all ‘V’ angles are equipped with Hardened Steel Plates, which ensure extra resistance.

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