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Best Contactors in India for Your Electrical Needs

A contactor is an electrical switch used for switching of power in an electrical power circuit. Electrical contactor relays have got different capacities and features—from contactors that have a breaking current of several amperes to those having a breaking current of thousand amperes.  The physical size of contactors varies from an object small enough to snuggle in a palm to colossal devices which are at least a meter long on one side.

A contactor is very similar to a relay in its operation but has higher current ratings. The circuit that controls an electrical contactor has got a much lower power rating than that of the switched circuit per se.

Applications of Contactors

Power contactors find a plethora of applications in a wide range of settings. They are used in commercial setting and industrial setups alike. Large lighting loads, heating equipment and motors become very easy to control with the help of these contactors. They are highly dependable and do not just malfunction until and unless used inappropriately. Despite their use in switching applications, they do not interrupt short-circuit current.

Contactors & Relays: The Difference Between the Two

An electric contactor is often taken to be the same as a relay in its functioning; however, in reality they are similar but not exactly the same. Whereas on the one hand, a contactor finds use in high voltage switching applications, on the other hand, a relay is used in applications that require only a low voltage—for instance, a typical relay is used for switching an LED.

Why Buy Contactors Online from Industrybuying?

At Industrybuying, your search for finding best contactors online as well as finding  contactor relays can finally come to a conclusive and fruitful end. You can buy contactors online at the best prices. The contactor prices are very reasonable and the best among anywhere else. You can choose from contactor relays and 3-pole contactors very easily and even choose from some of the best brands that manufacture reliable and premium quality contactors—from HPL, Chint, Siemens, Larsen & Turbo, Schneider Electric and Pointex to even Hager among many others!

In case you are in search for more electrical products, you can even buy cables and wires, flameproof electrical devices, wire connectors and terminals, fuse mountable kits and current transformers, to name a few, online from the Industrybuying repository.

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