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LED stands for light emitting diode. An LED light consists of a light-emitting diode product which is made into a lamp, tube light or bulb which can, in turn, be fixed into a lighting fixture of choice.  LED lights are very energy-efficient and are known to utilize only a small fraction of electricity utilized by regular incandescent light sources.

Why Use LED Lights?

There is more to why LED lamps, LED bulbs and LED tube lights have taken over the market by a storm. Besides being energy efficient and utilizing very little energy, these lights are known for their longer lifespans and environment-friendly composition.  The use of these lights is known to cut down on the consumers’ monthly utility bill as well. One more advantage of using an LED light is that its intensity can be adjusted with the use of dimmer switches. LED lights brighten up to their maximum intensity instantaneously, without flickering for even a second or two unlike other light sources. LED lights are very durable and can survive physical shocks as opposed to CFL lights and incandescent lights which are really vulnerable to suffering breakage. 

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