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LED Strip Lights

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Rs. 357 Rs. 165 / Piece
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LED Strip Lights

Led Strip Lights to Meet Multiple Needs

An LED strip light, as the name suggests, consists of multiple LED lights arranged in the form of a strip. This light is popularly also known as an LED tape or an LED ribbon light. An LED strip light has a flexible circuit board that is inhabited by numerous surface mounted light emitting diodes which are, in turn, backed by a strong coating of an adhesive material.

Applications of Led Strip Lights

Initially, LED strip lights were only used for the purposes of accent lighting, backlighting and task lighting; multicolour strip lights were used for the purpose of aesthetic decorative lighting. With the advancements in LED lighting technology and the subsequent increases in the lighting efficiencies and the overall lifespans of LED lights, people have also found use of these strip lights in applications that involve high brightness task lighting, replacement of fluorescent and halogen lighting fixtures, indirect lighting and cultivation of plants. LED strip lights are also used to perform ultra violet inspections during the course of various industrial manufacturing processes.

Making a Selection

LED strip lights may be rope LED strip lights or LED rigid bars. Choosing these strip lights to serve different purposes depends on several different factors. First and foremost, whether the lighting is required indoors or outdoors decides the type of light to be chosen; LED indoor strip lights may not be required to be water resistant because of almost negligible exposure to water.  The voltage of these light emitting diodes should be kept in mind before making a purchase; the voltage must be within the safe limits of operations, usually around 12 V. However, an LED strip light operating at a voltage of 24 V serves its own advantage; the same wire which has the same radius and cross sectional area can be used to traverse an even greater distance between the power supply and the LED strip, lighting even more bulbs. One more thing to be kept in mind before choosing these strip lights is that greater the number of LEDs in one strip, less visible will be the distinct light spots from a distance and more uniform will be the total distribution of light. The number of LED chips in the strip decides the overall intensity of the strip light.

Led Strip Lights on Industrybuying

Industrybuying.com brings to you, all kinds of flexible LED strip lights that you may need to meet the diverse set of your requirements. Industrybuying has collaborated with some of the best manufacturers in the industry to bring high quality LED strip lights to your doorstep. Some of these manufacturers are Orbit, Noble Electricals,  Warm Lights, Orbit, Itelec, Pharox, Eon, Melon and Syska LED to name a few. The strip lights manufactured by the aforesaid brands are not just renowned for their high quality but also completely value for money in terms of the features they offer.

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