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Lubricants and Oils

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Lubricants and oils offer a wide variety of choices when it comes tolubricating a surface. Oil and grease are the most common terms that may pop in your head as the front-runners in this category. Lubrication is a process of separating surfaces or protecting them to reduce friction, heat, wear-and-tear and energy consumption. This can be accomplished by using oils, greases, gases or other fluids. Grease is composed of oil and a thickening agent to maintain its consistency, while the oil is what actually lubricates. Oils can be synthetic, vegetable or mineral-based or a steady combination of all of these. The application determines which oil, commonly referred to as the base oilshould be used on it. Bear in mind, in extreme weather conditions especially during winters, usage of synthetic oils can be beneficial.

Usage of Lubricants and oils

The primary objective of lubrication is reducing friction on the surface of the work-piece, but there are many more obvious benefits of this process. Lubricants also help prevent corrosion by protecting the surface from water and other corrosion spreading substances. Additionally, they play an important role in controlling widespread contamination within systems. Lubricants also work as conduits w... View more

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