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Castrol ,Waxpol Grease Online

Grease is a semisolid combination of petroleum products and soap emulsifiers. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) defines lubricating grease as a solid to semi fluid product of dispersion of a thickening agent present in a liquid lubricant. Its main purpose is to lubricate the moving surfaces without leaking out due to gravity, centrifugal action or extreme pressure.

There are mainly three types of components that comprise lubricating grease - oil, thickener and additives. Oils and additives majorly comprise of grease; the third part, i.e. the thickener, works like a sponge to hold both the major parts of grease together. The grease provides good performance in most industrial applications; however, in extreme temperature conditions, synthetic based oil is preferred for more stability. A thickener is usually a metallic soap of lithium or aluminium etc. and gives solid a semifluid structure. Additives enhance the characteristics of the grease and save it from friction and wear by prohibiting a chemical reaction with the metal surface during extreme temperature conditions.

Grease - Its Applications & Uses

Grease cannot be used in place of oil and is only mostly used when it is not practical to put the latter to use. It is used in machinery keeping the design and operating situation in mind. It is used for the following types of machinery:

  • For machinery that runs on/off or that runs in stationary mode for a long duration of time. It can remain intact and form a lubricating film instantly.

  • For machinery types which cannot be serviced regularly and where grease can lubricate it for a long-enough duration of time e.g. the grease used in electrical motors and gearboxes.

  • It is also used for machinery working under extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

  • Grease also extends the life of worn parts/components by maintaining a thicker film around them.

  • It works as a sealant and reduces leakage. It also helps keep the contaminants, which can result in corrosion, at bay.

  • It is easier to contain grease than it is to contain oil; the process also requires lesser machine area and saves cost.

  • It can withstand water and ensure that the lubricant remains intact.

Some common greases which are available in the market include - Grease, Multipurpose Grease, ALFG-2 Grease, ALFG-HT Grease, Gel Grease, Grease Steel Drum, HHS Grease, Hi-Temp Grease, High Temperature Blue Gel Grease, Multipurpose, Red Gel Grease, Synthetic Food Grade FGHT GREASE, Synthetic Food Grade FGHT-2 GREASE, Synthetic Food Grade SSFG Grease, Synthetic Food Grade Silicon EP Grease, Synthetic Food Grade Silicon Grease, Transparent Grease, WGF Grease. Also, some popular names of greases come in various weights and quantities - BB EPL 2 Grease, FOOD GREASE, Grease LCG 2, HIGH TEMPERATURE GREASE, MULTI GREASE, BB EPL 0 Grease, BB EPL 1 Grease, BB Grease LMM, DI-ELECTRIC GREASE, ECO MULTI GREASE, EP FOOD GREASE, EXTREME LUBE, Grease AP3, Grease TD 2966, HITEMP FOOD GREASE, MP 3, Parthen Ep 320, SUPER ADHESIVE GREASE, Silicone Grease, WHITE LITHIUM GREASE + PTFE. Some popular brands of grease include CRC, Castrol, ABC, Petrelplus, Relaxo, BizolGrenvo, HP, Waxpol, Wuerth, Anabond, Gandhar,TANCOM, Vespa etc.

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