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Cordless tools – a must for every material handler for Convenient Handling

A cordless tool is any tool—usually a power tool—that is driven by a battery or a battery pack and does not have a power cord that needs to be either plugged into an electrical outlet, attached to a generator or attached to a centralized source of power so as to be able to power on and run. The advent of cordless power tools finds its roots in the development of relatively stronger, long lasting and sturdier batteries that could sustain the high-power requirements of these power tools without having the need to plug these to a stable power source.Woodworkers, contractors, builders, plumbers, roofers and DIY enthusiasts all share one common feature between them i.e. they are aware of the right tools necessary for getting their job done correctly in their very first attempt. Tasks ranging from simply hammering a nail to construction of a house can be done safely and quickly with the help of reliable hand tools. However, in majority of the cases, these workers do not have access to power supplies or circuit boards. Needless to say, in all such situations, cordless tools serve no less than a boon. At, you get to choose from a wide variety of cordless tools, each of which is designed for serving different purposes. You can now shop online from our wide range of tools for making your construction tasks easy going and safe.

Cordless Power Tools & Corded Tools – The Comparison

To begin with, the most basic and evident difference between a cordless tool and a corded one is that of the presence of an electrical power cord. Whereas, a cordless power tool, as the name suggests, does not require any cord to operate, a corded one does need an electrical cord to be plugged into a power source for its operation. Cordless tools, such as the cordless rotary hammers, are very easy to operate and do not result in workplace accidents that result from operators or co-workers tripping over trailing long cords.  

Advantages of cordless tools

The benefits of cordless tools over the wired ones are countless. Some of the primary ones are given below:

  • There are chances of people ripping over and getting hurt if they use power tools with cords. However, cordless have no risk in this aspect.
  • If the switch boards are far, power tools with cords require extensions and extra wirings to reach out to them. Since cordless ones run on high powered batteries, one can seamlessly work anywhere one wants to.
  • Corded tools are very unsafe and have risks regarding short circuits, falling over and many others. Cordless tools on the other hand are as easy to use as toys and can be handed over to children for usage under supervision.
  • When we wrap the wire of cord, it is likely to break or damage and will consequently incur unnecessary repair charges on your pockets, which does not happen in case of cordless ones.

Before Buying a Cordless Power Tool

The cordless tools are heavier than their corded counterparts because the former contain batteries inside them. They should, thus, only be bought by people who need to use them very often and not by those looking for a rare repair-based use. As a general rule: higher are the volts, higher is the power and only a professional should look for an any cordless tool bigger than around 18 volts.

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At Industrybuying, you can buy cordless tools online at the best prices. You can choose from a wide variety of cordless tools—from cordless drill drivers,   impact wrenches, screw drivers and hammer drill drivers to even cordless angle grinders. You can choose from some of the best brands selling cordless tools online such as Makita, Fein, Hitachi, Bosch, Milwaukee and Dewalt to name a few.Other tools that you can buy on Industrybuying are regular hand tools for simpler jobs, garden tools, machine tools, welding tools, soldering devices, industrial automation tools, bearings, lubricants and oils, construction and civil equipment among a lot of other tools and requirements of any business.We offer you great discounts and deals on purchasing building supplies and materials. Also, to enhance your comfortable shopping experience, various payment options like cash on delivery (COD), debit/credit card and net banking is available. Shop now on and undertake construction and maintenance work with utmost safety and ease.

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