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Soldering is the joining of metals by a fusion of alloys which have comparatively low melting points to adjoin the surfaces to be soldered together. Basically, a solder is a type of metal alloy comprising a low melting point that uses an additional implement to provide heat to the joining process. The difference between soldering and welding is that, soldering can be considered more like gluing with molten metal, unlike welding where the base metals are actually melted and combined together. Soldering is considered a must have skill for all kinds of electrical and electronics work. It is also a skill that must be taught correctly and honed with practice.Soldering tools are important equipment used to join and re-harden metal pieces, which have suffered breakage and any kind of abrasion, corrosion or distortion.

Uses of Soldering

The applications of soldering devices are multifarious and mostly come in handy in varied fields such as metalwork, technology, automation, construction and electronics. Basically, soldering is required wherever electronic components need to be connected to printed circuit boards for instance in mother boards of laptops or CPUs. Even in this day and age of widespread usage of integrated circuits, most electrical products will include parts that have been soldered through an automated or factory process. Moreover, electricians and plumbers often use soldering during the course of their work. Plumbers make perm... View more

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