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Digital Anemometer

Wind, an important natural phenomenon, is the horizontal movement of air. This movement or speed of wind is measured by a special instrument called anemometer. An anemometer is usually a simple cup device which rotates at the speed of wind and gives the measurement of wind speed. Measurements of wind can be of two types - wind speed and the wind pressure. Since both, speed and pressure, are dependent on each other, a good anemometer would measure them both giving accurate results regarding wind speed measurement.

Types of Anemometers

Following are the different types of Anemometers:

Cup Anemometers

These are the simplest of all anemometers. They consist of cups which rotate along with the wind to give measurement of wind speed. Since they are purely mechanical, they may develop friction which affects the rotation and results in faulty measurements. Another drawback with these types of anemometers is that they do not provide any measurement of wind pressure.

Windmill Anemometers

The wind anemometers are similar to cup anemometers in their working but are fairly big and shaped like windmills; besides indicating the wind speed, they also inform about the wind direction. But in order to get accurate results, the propeller must be parallel to the direction of the wind. This shortcoming can be minimized with the help of hand-held digital anemometers which are available in the market these days and can be easily adjusted in parallel with the direction of the wind.


Ultrasonic anemometers send sonic pulses to measure the velocity of the wind. The measurement is done by sending sonic pulses to an area where any disruption to these pulses by the wind is measured in order to calculate the wind speed. These devices provide accurate wind speed results and also don’t involve any moving object which may either be prone to friction or create direction related disturbances. 

Other anemometers include acoustic resonance anemometers, thermal, laser Doppler and tube anemometers etc.

Uses of an Anemometer

An anemometer is used in various industries including sea fishing industry, electricity and power generation, steel industry, aviation etc. where wind pressure and its movement is very crucial from the business operational  point of view.  Some outdoor activities like trekking, hiking etc. too warrant the use of this device where it is an important pre-condition before embarking on the trail and helping in overall planning.

Some of the leading brands in digital anemometer include Lutron, Extech, CEM, KusamMeco, Vaiseshika, Fluke, HTC, Testo, Equinox, Jainco, Mastech, Meco, Metrix, R-Tek,TENMA, Waco, Amprobe, Manicom, MetroQ, Mextech, Pro'sKit, Sigma, Tenmars etc.

Also, some of the most common types of these anemometers available in the market include Digital Anemometer, Hot Wire Anemometer, Thermo Anemometer, Air Velocity Vane Anemometer Meter, CFM/CMM Anemometer, Hygro Anemometer,  Digit Thermo Anemometer, Air Flow Anemometer, Anemometer, metal vane + air flow, CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer, Hot Wire thermo-anemometer, infrared Anemometer with Data, Infrared Hotwire Anemometer, Pitot Tube Anemometer etc. and come in various models which are easily recognizable with the professionals who use these devices.

Why buy Anemometer at helps you in choosing the most appropriate anemometer for your specific requirement by providing you with many options from some of the leading brands. All these instruments are genuine and come covered under manufacturer warranties. In the unlikely event that you get a product, the platform has an easy returns policy in place to address your grievances.

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