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Coating thickness meter is an essential tool which is used in varied industrial applications for measuring the thickness of paints and other materials. The thickness of a particular product is an important condition that needs to be followed to sustain pre-determined quality standards for making the product suitable for the end use. This device finds its use in these similar situations in order to maintain the quality standards and also correct thickness of the paint against the sheet for ensuring durability of the product. These devices are able to measure the thickness of a large number of materials and hence being used in various industries. Coating thickness meters are very important tools to maintain the appropriate quality of a material and can very well differentiate between two products having similar sheet/material, but with a varying degree of paint coating to help maintain the quality of a product during its entire production phase for delivering high quality products with exact same quality. For example, a slightly thick coating of paint may crack and expose the material and subsequently compromise the quality of the product.

How to measure the thickness of Metallic and Non-Metallic Materials

There are two ways to measure the thickness- destructive ways and non-destructive ways. In destructive ways, the coating is cut to get the measurement of thickness whereas in non-destructive ways the coating in not damaged and the thickness of metallic surface is measured using Digital coating thickness meters and for non-metallic surfaces electromagnetic induction is used to measure the thickness.

Types of Coating Thickness Meters

Based on the material that has to be measured and the surface involved in the process, there are several types of coating thickness meters available in the market these days. Following are the various types of coating thickness meters-

  • Mechanical Coating Thickness Meters- These are economical dry film thickness meters useful in flammable condition, underwater or where the risk of explosion is high with an electronic instrument.
  • Digital Coating Thickness Gauges- These meters provide highly accurate results and are used for repeatable coating thickness measurements on any substrate-ferrous or non-ferrous.
  • Permanent Magnet Coating Thickness Meters- These types of meters calculate the force required to pull the magnet placed on the surface to calculate it paint coating thickness.
  • Electromagnetic Induction Coating Thickness Meters- Electronic coating thickness meters use the electromagnetic induction principle to measure the coating thickness.
  • Eddy Current Coating Thickness meter
  • Ultrasonic Thickness meter.

From products’ perspective, following types of coating thickness meters are commonly available in the market- Coating Thickness Meter, Thickness Meter, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with Probe, Coatmeter, Digital Thickness Meter, Digital Coating Thickness Gauge, Digital Non-Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge, Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Meter, Ferrous /Non Ferrous Combine Coating Thickness Gauge etc. with varying options of sound velocity and thickness ranges.

Some major brands of coating thickness meters include Metrix+, Mextech, Kusam Meco, Precise, Yuyutsu, HTC, Equinox, CEM, Yamayo, Insize, ITI, Workzone etc.

Why buy Coating Thickness Meters at provides highly durable and good quality coating thickness meters from some of the leading brands available in the market. All these meters are tested for precision and measurement and come with quality assurance. also offers attractive discounts when you place an online bulk order for these products.

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