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A dial indicator is a dimension measurement device that is used to   measure the alignment of the components of a machine with respect to the acceptable standard; in other words, a dial indicator is used to indicate the general deviation of an object from the expected standard.

Unlike a non-dial type indicator which is usually an electronic device having a digital display, a dial indicator consists of a circular panel which is marked with graduations and has a needle that points to the graduations so as to indicate the reading.

Types of Dial Indicators

There are several types of dial indicators available for use—from test dial indicators and plunger dial indicators to lever dial indicators. Dial test indicators are adjustable indicators that can be used flexibly across a wide range of machinery because they can be calibrated as per the requirement. Plunger dial indicators are typically used to assess injection moulding machines by using a rack-and-pinion mechanism to convert the linear thrust of the plunger into rotary dial movement. Lever dial indicators are usually more compact and easy to use and are marked by their lever-and-scroll mechanism.

Uses of Dial Indicators

Dial indicators are measuring devices used to show small measurement changes upon amplifying them so as to make them more meaningful and logical to the observers. They are used for a wide number of applications—from calibrating a large number of machinery, centering metal lathes and ensuring manufacturing procedure accuracy to measuring linear as well as angular displacements.  Dial indicators also find widespread use in applications that entail ensuring proper alignment and run out.

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