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Dimension measurement tools online

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Dimensional inspection or measurement tools are hand tools that come in handy when you need to take measurements. They are highly cost effective, portable, precise, and can be used for a broad range of applications. Dimension measurement tools are simple to handle, and can also be used as mechanical hand tools with just some calibration to attain accurate results. 

Uses of Dimension Measurement Tools

Generally speaking, there can be errors of size in any work involving the extensive use of machines. This simply implies that the actual dimension will be different from the nominal dimension. These errors should be within certain given limits determined by dimensional measurement to guarantee the product quality. A great number of industries such as construction, automation, manufacturing, technology and agriculture, transportation, etc. make use of different types of dimension measurement tools such as Bore gauges, digital calipers, layout tools, micrometers and Marking gauges for fulfilling multipurpose tasks. Although dimension measurement tools are a simple and elegant solution, they still must be treated with the same care at par with a brittle machine that uses advanced technology. Some devices must be thoroughly calibrated or cleaned regularly to ensure that they provide consistent, accurate results. It is also important that an operator of dimension inspection devices is appropriately trained to prevent human error.

Calipers: Calipers are one of the most well-known dimension measurement tools that are designed to measure length, depth, internal, and external dimensions. Moreover, calipers can also be used to transfer dimensions from one object to another.

Bore Gauges: These handy dimension measurement tools are required for accurately measuring holes. They are primarily classified as digital bore gauges, Dial bore gauge, small hole gauges or beam gauges for a larger diameter.

Height Gauges: The height gauges are renowned for their ability to determine the height of objects, or assist in marking out work pieces.

Thickness Gauges: These sturdy tools quickly and efficiently measure the thickness of sheet metals, film, wire, and other materials. Thanks to their convenient thumb trigger and grip handle, these devices are very easy to use.

Micrometers: Micrometers are one of the most popular types of dimensional measurement hand tools that make use of laser, mechanical, digital, or scale technology to precisely measure length, depth, thickness, diameter, height, roundness, bore, or other dimensions of objects.

Protractors: Protractors are dimension inspection hand tools that measure angles with a variable protractor and compare the angle of an object to a standard measurement with an angle gauge.

Block Gauge: Block gauge are individual metal blocks shaped in a square, rectangular, or round form and are available in various sizes. Their surfaces are mostly lapped, flat and parallel. Gauge blocks are available in sets of various sizes. The blocks can be easily assembled in many combinations to obtain desired lengths.

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