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Micrometers Online

Best Micrometers for Precise Measurements

A micrometer is a precision measuring device that is used to take measurements of outside as well as inside diameters of objects using outside micrometers and inside micrometer respectively. A micrometer is also sometimes referred to as a micrometer screw gauge because it incorporates a calibrated screw that is rotated to adjust around and grip the outside or interior edge of an object to take measurements.

Types of Micrometers

There are different types of micrometers available today to take measurements with. The most elementary types, however, include the internal micrometer, the outside micrometer as well as the depth micrometer.

The internal micrometer, as the name suggests, is used to measure the diameters of small holes or the inside of a cylindrical object, for example; the outside micrometer is used to measure the thickness of objects such as spheres, wires and blocks, etc. and the depth micrometer is used to measure the vertical reaches and depths of objects of various kinds.

Applications of Micrometer

Because micrometers can be used to measure up to the one thousandth of an inch, they are used in a wide array of applications. Micrometers are used by race engine builders and automobile mechanics to make adjustments of the valves and pistons so as to be able to fuel the speeds and torques. They are used in diverse engineering applications as well as the manufacturing sector to measure component dimensions. They are also used by die and tool makers in many applications.

There are several other uses of micrometers; from micrometers for microscopes and micrometer dial gauges to digimatic micrometers—all of which are used to meet specific requirements.

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