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A pressure transmitter is a device which is used to measure the pressure in a liquid, fluid, or gas medium. Pressure transmitters are used for controlling and monitoring in many everyday applications. The most common use of a pressure transmitter can be seen in the measurement of pressure inside industrial machinery. This is carried out in order to avoid any accident that may happen due to fluctuations in pressure. On applying pressure, the transmitters generate analog electronic signals. Apart from their use in checking machinery pressure, they also find use in other devices to measure depth, altitude, and water flow. They even alert for loss of pressure in a system to prevent leakages.

Types of Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters are of various types depending on their applications, the cost and the technology used. Based on these factors, the various types of pressure transmitters are absolute, gauge, vacuum, differential and sealed pressure transmitters.

Gauge pressure transmitters can be used for taking measurements in various applications because they can be calibrated according to the local atmospheric pressure conditions. In case of vacuum pressure transmitters, the pressure measurement is done on a low vacuum range with respect to the local atmospheric pressure conditions. The transmitter is used to measure partial vacuum in manufacturing processes, food packagers, leak testers, suction pumps and atmospheric simulators etc. Another transmitter, the differential pressure transmitter, is used to measure drop or increase in pressure between two or more pressure systems. Sealed pressure transmitters are used to calculate sea level pressure. They employ various technologies such as fibre optics and mechanical deflection. Where mechanical deflection technology is used, the mechanical properties of a fluid are measured in order to check its effect on the spring system vis-à-vis how much pressure the mechanical action exerts on the spring. Some more technologies which often go in the making of pressure transmitters include strain gauges, semiconductor piezo resistive, micro electromechanical systems, vibrating elements and vibrating capacitances.

Advantages of Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters measure pressure levels as well its differentials while sustaining the various environment conditions. Most of them are made of piezoelectric materials, so they are immune to radiation. Some common applications of pressure transmitters include aircrafts, cars and other machinery pressures as well as weather instrumentation, weather balloons, rockets and satellites.

Availability of Pressure Transmitters

From the utility point of view, various types of pressure transmitters are available in the market - Compact Pressure Transmitters and Draft Transmitters which can be further classified as Block Type, Box-Type transmitters, to name a few.

They mostly come in series according to the technology used and the nature of the application that they are subjected. You can choose from pressure transmitters with different pressure ranges to suit your requirement. Some of the leading brands of pressure transmitters include - Danfoss, Baumer, Manas etc.

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