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A Vernier caliper is a precision device that measures the depth, outside dimensions and internal dimensions of applications under its purview. Vernier calipers can measure accuracy to one hundredth of a millimeter and one thousandth of an inch. They are composed of two sets of jaws, where one jaw is designated to both the upper and lower portions. Each set comprises of a movable jaw and fixed jaw. The lower jaw is designed for outside dimensions whereas, the upper set is designed to measure inside dimensions. Besides, Vernier calipers also have a depth probe at the bottom or on the rear side that functions as a depth measuring tool. There are various types of caliper accessories such as proximity cables, depth base attachments, etc. that ensure that there is no compromise on quality.

Types of Scales

There are two types of scales on a Vernier caliper. The main scale is stationary and remains fixed to the device. It can be found on the length of the caliper, and functions similarly to a ruler. Whereas, the other scale of the caliper is portable or movable scale that is the secret to the device’s precision. It is typically divided into 10 sets of equal length.

Some Types of calipers

There are many types of calipers namely-: Dial Calipers, Digital Calipers and micrometers. Dial calipers have a dial for displaying the measurement with an indicator needle, whereas, digital calipers boast of an internal microprocessor that calculates the position of the jaws and shows the reading on a display screen. On the other hand micrometers are devices that measure small distances up to 1/1000 mm.

Uses of Vernier Calipers

Vernier Caliper are the staple devices of scientific labs and engineering schools where precise measurements are constantly required. With a high precision tool like the Vernier caliper, you don’t get to run into any errors. Additionally, Vernier calipers are a great addition to a woodworker’s arsenal of tools as well, since they come in handy whilst you are working with projects that require a precise measurement and extremely careful handling.

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