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Cutting is the process of removing portions of workpieces by using an array of deformation techniques. Cutters are tools that make this cutting possible. End mills, for instance, are milling cutters used extensively across a wide variety of milling applications.  A majority of industrial tasks unanimously require cutting in manifold and various manners – whether it is cutting an object axially or cutting it in any other direction. Cutting tools may be classified as either single-point tools or multipoint tools; the former category of tools are used to turn and shape workpieces and remove portions by using only a single edge for cutting while the latter using at least two edges for cutting – examples being drills and broaches.

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A plethora of tooling and cutting equipment is available on the Industrybuying platform – from dies which are tools used in manufacturing processes to shape and cut different materials; hole saws, also called hole cutters by many, which have saw blades that are shaped li... View more

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