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What are Abrasive Non-Woven Hand Pads?

Good hygiene has become a major concern and has, in turn, led the demand for better sanitary and cleaning services in the entire industrial sector. The recent technological development has led to several measures to establish a cleaner space. The use of Abrasive Non-Woven Hand Pads is one such technological development. Abrasive Non-Woven Hand Pads can be basically defined as scrubbing pads that are utilized for a large number of applications - including rust removal and polishing.


These pads play an indispensable role in the industrial sector because of their ability to clean surfaces without utilizing any extra piece of machinery. These pads provide such substructure that simply rubbing them over any surface, helps clean it effectively. With such a wide number of applications in the market, Abrasive Non-Woven Hand Pads come in various types to tend to the array of requirements and applications - such as industrial hand pads non woven, plastic foam backing pads with velcro, twisted & crimped cup brushes, flat polishing foam pads and flat rubbing foam pads.


Application & Types of Abrasive Non-Woven Hand Pads

Abrasive Non-Woven Hand Pads are used in various applications, such as rust removal from surfaces, cleaning of stained walls, deburring applications and also for providing matt-finish over wooden surfaces. These hand pads provide a great convenience in their usage and therefore are widely used.


For better and convenient usage, these hand pads come in various lengths such as 230 mm, 230.0, 9 inches, 150 mm, and 229 mm. Also, they can be classified depending on their width, size, and packing structure. Basically, these pads come in grits or specifically sized packs of 25, 100 or 200, depending on their utility and the application they are to be used in.


What are the Key Benefits of Abrasive Non-Woven Hand Pads?

  • These are made of premium quality aluminum oxide and silicon carbide granules that come in varied grit sizes. This ensures clean and flawless cutting or abrasion of the surface.

These pads are highly durable and made of sturdy resin binders.

These pads are effective due to their high-resistance edges and are very long-lasting.

They have consistent finishing and uniform construction

  • These pads can be cut according to required sizes with minimal wastage


How to Best use Abrasive Non-Woven Hand Pads

  • Use these pads in one direction – either one; this would ensure that they give long-lasting performance. Speed plays a vital role in ensuring the best use of the abrasive non-woven hand pads. This also largely affects the finishing of the product, its rate of cutting and the life of the pads. While faster speed renders fine finish and harder action, slower speed gives coarse finish and soft action. Applying the correct pressure is also important. Industrial experts advise applying light-to-medium pressure for most of the operations.
  • Feed speed has a direct impact on the number of pieces completed within the specified time. While slow feed speed produces shorter scratch patterns, faster feed speed produces longer scratch patterns.


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