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Cut-off wheels are the perfect cutting tools that are used in a variety of applications. Available in a wide range of diameters and grits, they are made of abrasive grain bonded with an organic bond system and are used for cutting, notching and grinding. They can be used with both portable and stationary tools on numerous materials, including aluminum, plastic, sheet metal, stainless steel and more.

Types Of Cut-off wheels:

Cutting wheels are used in various applications, especially construction sites. It is important to know the differences between the blades for maximum effectiveness and productivity. For example, a cutting wheel 4 inch is used to cut stainless steel.  Generally, there are two kinds of cut-off wheels- Type 1 cut-off wheels and type 27 cut-off wheels. Type 1 is used for cutting applications, and Type 27 is used for cut-off and grinding applications. They can further be classified into.

RIGHT-ANGLE CUT-OFF WHEEL-This wheel is used for multiple applications. It is used for steel, aluminium, concrete, cinder blocks etc.

This wheel is used for smoothing. It smoothes welds, beveling, notching and cleaning pipes.

They are used for slotting and cutting. Shorter metal surfaces can now be slotted and cut quickly and efficiently using this blade. 

- This blade is versatile and is used for deburring and slotting and can also cut building materials like sheet and roof decking. 

  They are the most popular blades on construction sites. They have the ability to form smooth and clean cuts. They can cut metal studs, rebar and angle brackets with ease.

What Are The Applications Of Cut-off Wheels:

When it comes to profitability, cutting wheels play an important role. They are specially used in large-scale metal fabrication operations.  

1. Pipeline: While dealing with a pipeline, blades that can perform well in harsh conditions should be used. These blades should also last for a long time.


2. Metal Fabrication: A lot of fabrication shops use cutting wheels. These wheels are compatible with aluminium, chrome, titanium or steel.


3. Ship Building: The shipbuilding industry extensively uses cut-off wheels. Cut-off wheels are required at every stage, from the ship’s large structures to smaller ones like pipes, stairs and handrails. Smaller structures require cutting and grinding with the help of cutting wheels. They help the builders to finish the work quickly and thus are a critical power tool used in the shipbuilding industry. 


4. Manufacturing: The work in the manufacturing industries requires utmost precision and accuracy. This cut-off wheel thereby is an excellent tool which can serve a number of applications on the industrial level.

5. Food and Pharmaceutical
: The food processing and pharmaceuticals industry uses cut-off wheels that make the task easier and quicker.  

Choosing The Right Cut-off Wheel: 

It is important to choose the right abrasive wheel for various applications. Choosing the appropriate tool helps achieve productivity and also ensures operator security faster. You should consider the type of material to be cut.  The materials’s hardness, size, shape and quality should be considered when choosing the right cut-off wheels. Choosing the ones incompatible with the task at hand can deteriorate productivity and might create danger for the operators. Let us look at the parameters for choosing the right cut-off wheel:

 The tool's size determines many factors. The thinner walls maintain the specified product life.

Abrasive Grain: Bonding agents and abrasive grains are the things that create the cutting wheel. Common grains for cutting wheels include ceramic alumina, zirconia alumina, aluminium oxide, and silicon carbide.

Brands To Consider For Buying Cut-off Wheels:

A good brand ensures that the best quality of product and service is delivered to its customers. Various brands which are known for producing exceptional quality cut-off wheels are Bosch,Dewalt, Xtra Power,Krost, KWI, HITACHI, and YURI.

Why Consider Industrybuying For Buying Cut-off wheels?

You can buy the best cut-off wheels at our website and ensure the product's authenticity. We believe in providing the best services to our customers and deliver accordingly. We leave no stone unturned in providing the best services. One of the famous products includes BOSCH cutting wheels and Xtra Power cutting wheels. Let us look at some of the products offered by Industrybuying:

Hitachi 14 Inch Cut Off Wheel 702114

KWI 24Inch x 2.5mm Circular Blank Saw Blade

Dewalt 7-inch Diamond Edge Cutting Wheel DW8570-IN

Yuri Greenline 4 Inch Cut Off Wheel, WA-60S-4 (Pack of 100)

Bosch 7 Inch Cutting Wheel 180 x 3 x 22.23 mm 2608620677


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