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Discover a world of culinary convenience with Cooktops at IndustryBuying! Our selection of gas stoves and 4-burner gas stove offers top-notch quality and versatility for your kitchen needs. Explore trusted brands like Prestige and Faber, each delivering exceptional performance. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, you'll find the perfect cooktop to suit your needs. Check out our landing page for the lowest price of gas stoves starting from INR 248 and the highest-priced options starting from INR 23,000, ensuring you get the best deal on your next culinary upgrade. You get to choose from brands such as Glen. Elevate your cooking experience today!

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Everything You Should Know About Cooktops

Cooktops are an essential kitchen component, providing a convenient and efficient way to cook meals. Whether you're a chef or a cook, high-quality ones can significantly enhance your culinary experience. It, also known as a stovetop or hob, is a flat surface equipped with burners or heating elements that generate heat for cooking. It offers a versatile cooking space to prepare various dishes, from simmering sauces to boiling pasta or searing meats. Modern ones come in multiple types, each with its features and benefits.

Gas provides precise temperature control and quick heat response, while electric offers easy cleanup and a sleek appearance. Check out for
gas burner stove on our website at Industrybuying.

Which types of cooktops are available in the market?

a. Stove: Experience the traditional cooking method with a cooktop gas stove, offering precise heat control and instant flame for your culinary needs.

b. 4 Burner  Stove: Opt for a four-burner stove/Cooktops for extra cooking space, ideal for larger families or those who love entertaining.

c. Gas-Burner: Enhance your cooking capabilities with a standalone gas burner, perfect for outdoor cooking or as an additional cooking unit in your kitchen.

d. Induction-Stove: Embrace the future of cooking with induction, using electromagnetic fields to heat your cookware directly for faster and safer cooking.

e. Gas Stove Price:Find competitive prices on various stoves, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

f. Prestige Induction: Discover the trusted brand Prestige, offering a range of induction renowned for their performance and durability.

g. Induction: Enjoy the benefits of precise temperature control and energy efficiency with an induction cook-top in various sizes and designs.

h. Glass-Top Stove: Add a touch of charm to your kitchen with a glass-top stove, combining style and functionality.

i. Cooktop Stove: Browse our cooktop gas stoves, providing a versatile and efficient cooking experience.

j. Stainless Steel Stove: Opt for a stainless steel gas stove, known for its durability, easy maintenance, and timeless appearance.

k. 4 Burner Gas Stove Stainless Steels: Experience the best with a 4 burner stove in stainless steel, offering ample cooking space and a sleek finish.

l. Gas Stove Online: Save time and effort by purchasing your desired gas stove online, with a wide range of options and convenient delivery. 

Find the perfect stove for your kitchen and elevate your cooking experience with our selection of high-quality appliances. Check out our full range of kitchen utilities and home supplies to complete your culinary arsenal.

What are the safety features to look for in cooktops?

When it comes to choosing one, safety is a top priority. These are the essential safety features to consider when selecting a stove, induction, or any other type of them. 

a. Flame Failure Device (FFD): Ensure safety with them equipped with an FFD, automatically cutting off the gas supply if the flame extinguishes.

b. Child Lock: Protect curious little ones by opting for a stove with a child lock feature, preventing accidental ignition or unwanted access to the controls.

c. Overheat Protection: Look for the ones with built-in overheat protection mechanisms that automatically shut off the heating elements if they reach a dangerous temperature.

d. Residual Heat Indicators: Stay informed about the surface temperature of your stove with residual heat indicators, providing a visual indication when the surface is still hot even after the burners have been turned off.

e. Auto Shut-Off Timer: Opt for one with an auto shut-off timer feature that automatically turns off the heat after a certain period of inactivity, preventing accidental fires or overheating.

f. Safety Cut-Off Feature: Choose the one with a safety cut-off feature that shuts off the power supply if they detect an abnormal rise in temperature or electrical issues.

g. Cookware Detection: Consider an induction with cookware detection technology, ensuring the heating element is activated only when compatible cookware is placed on the surface.

h. Durable and Heat-Resistant Materials: Look for one made from heat-resistant materials such as tempered glass or stainless steel, ensuring durability and safe operation even at high temperatures. 

Ensure a secure cooking environment with these essential safety features when selecting a gas, induction, or any other type. Explore our wide range of 4 burner gas stove stainless steel utensils, appliances, and home supplies to find the stove for your needs.

What are the installation requirements for various types of cooktops?

a. Gas-Stove Installation:

1. Ensure the availability of a proper gas connection in the kitchen.

2. Provide adequate ventilation for the safe release of gas fumes.

3. Check the manufacturer's guidelines for clearance space requirements.

4. Install a gas pipe to connect the gas supply to the stove.

b. Induction Stove Installation:

1. Ensure the availability of an electrical outlet with the correct voltage and grounding.

2. Clear the installation area of flammable materials and obstructions.

3. Use induction-compatible cookware.

4. Provide proper ventilation for heat dissipation.

c. General Installation Requirements:

1. Ensure the countertop or surface can support their weight.

2. Ensure the installation surface is level for stability.

3. Follow proper wiring procedures according to the manufacturer's instructions and local electrical codes.

4. Consider professional installation for complex setups or if gas connections are involved.

Check our website - for a wide range of products like kitchen appliances.

How does the size of cooktops affect their functionality and compatibility with the kitchen?

Their size is crucial to their functionality and compatibility with your kitchen setup. These are the impact of size on cooking capabilities, efficiency, and kitchen design to make an informed choice for your culinary needs.

a. Cooking Space:

1. A larger one provides more cooking space, allowing you to use multiple pots and pans simultaneously.

2. It offers greater flexibility in arranging cookware and accommodating larger cookware sizes.

b. Number of Burners:

1. The size of them often determines the number of burners it can accommodate.

2. A larger one can feature more burners, providing additional cooking options and convenience.

c. Cooking Efficiency:

1. An appropriately sized one ensures efficient heat distribution across the cooking surface, enabling uniform cooking.

2. With adequate space, there is less crowding of pots and pans, reducing the chance of uneven heating or interference.

d. Kitchen Compatibility:

1. Look for the available space in your kitchen when choosing a size.

2. A compact kitchen may require a smaller-sized to fit seamlessly into the countertop layout.

3. A larger kitchen with ample space can accommodate a larger one, allowing for more expansive cooking capabilities.

Design and Aesthetics:

1. The size of them can impact the overall visual appeal and balance of the kitchen.

2. A well-proportioned size ensures harmonious integration with other appliances and countertops.

3. Find the perfect-sized ones for your kitchen from our wide selection of gas, induction, and more. 

How do cooktops with different control mechanisms, such as knobs or touch controls, compare in terms of usability and durability?

a. Knob Controls:

1. Usability: Knob controls offer tactile feedback and precise control over heat settings, allowing for quick adjustments during cooking.

2. Familiarity: Knob controls are a traditional and familiar interface for many users, making them intuitive to use.

3. Durability: Knobs are generally durable and resistant to wear and tear, with a long lifespan.

4. Ease of Maintenance: Knob controls are relatively easy to maintain because they can be easily removed through cleaning.

b. Touch Controls:

1. Usability: Touch controls provide a sleek and modern interface, often featuring intuitive touch-sensitive buttons and digital displays.

2. Precision: Touch controls allow for precise temperature and timing adjustments, offering more accurate cooking control.

3. Cleaning Convenience: Touch controls have a smooth surface, making them easy to wipe clean without the need to remove individual knobs.

4. Durability: Touch controls are designed to withstand regular use and resist damage caused by spills or splatters.

c. Personal Preference: The choice between knob controls and touch controls often comes to a personal preference and the desired aesthetics for your kitchen.

d. Integration: Consider your kitchen's overall design and style when choosing between knob controls and touch controls to ensure they blend seamlessly with other appliances and decor.

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


Fabiano Brass Plated 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove With Auto Ignition & Bonnet Stand 3-BR COMFY ELITE

 Rs. 2380


Fabiano 4 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove (Brass Plated Burner ) FAB-4BR SMART

 Rs. 2880


LONGWAY Cruiser 2000 W 4 Digit LED Display Induction Cooktop

 Rs. 1380

4 LONGWAY Elite Plus IC 2000 W 4 Digit LED Display Induction Cooktop

 Rs. 1380


Fabiano 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove With Auto Ignition (Brass Plated Burner) 3BR CURL SMART AUTO

 Rs. 2280


LONGWAY 2000 W Induction Cooktop

 Rs. 1880


Fabiano 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove With Auto Ignition 3BR CURL AUTO

 Rs. 2480


Fabiano 2 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove With Auto Ignition FAB-2 BRN AUTO

 Rs. 1980

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Gas Stove

1.Are glass-top gas-stoves durable?

Glass top gas stoves are generally durable and designed to withstand everyday use. However, it is vital to handle them with care to avoid scratching or damaging the glass surface. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help preserve their durability over time.

2.Do gas-stoves require ventilation?

Yes, gas stoves require proper ventilation to release combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, safely. It is recommended to have a well-ventilated kitchen, either through a range hood or open windows, to allow for adequate airflow and minimize the buildup of potentially harmful gases. Check for a steel gas stove 4 burner on our website.

3. Do induction cooktops require special cookware?

Yes, induction requires magnetic-metal cookware to work effectively. Magnetic cookware, such as cast iron or steel, is needed to create a magnetic field that induces heat in the cookware. Non-magnetic cookware, such as aluminium or copper, will not work on induction unless they have a magnetic bottom layer. Check our site for a wide range of home appliances.
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