10 Amazing Hand Tools Your Garden Needs Right Now!

10 Amazing Hand Tools Your Garden Needs Right Now!

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Hand Tools Your Garden Overview in Detail

Gardening is an art that requires tremendous dedication for the results to show off. The mesmerizing and marvelous beauty of any garden squarely rests upon a gamut of specialized tools and of course, your handiwork. These tools are intricately linked to the sheen and shine of your tidy weeded garden.

So, what hand tools are we exactly talking about in circles? Ah, let me cut the chase for you, the ‘secret tools’ behind an ace gardener’s success story are– Gardening Hand tools!

Gardening would have seldom been interesting and convenient if it wasn’t for hand tools. And, keeping in view the importance of gardening in these pollution-ridden modern times- we have collated a list of 10 essential garden tools down below that you will definitely need to cultivate a better garden. You can purchase these hand tools online from various portals or, get them from brick and mortar stores.

List of Top Rated Essential Hand Tools for Gardening

Without further ado, it’s about time to roll up your sleeves and dig in – to your garden- with these hand tools. Here we go!

  1. Trowel

A garden bereft of a trowel is equivalent to a young seedling deprived of water. In the sheer absence of trowels, it would be next to impossible to plant perennials, pot containers and bury flower bulbs in the ground. A hefty trowel is composed of fine steel while the lightest is made up of cast aluminum and its handles are fashioned of wood or some easy-grip plastic in one piece to offer greater durability.

  1. Ho-mi

This versatile garden hand tool will entice you to fling soil as if there’s no tomorrow. Yes, it is that GOOD! The Ho-Mi comprises a curved, sharp, blade that resembles a scythe and comes with three unique interchangeable blades and crafty handles. This tool is the perfect companion for carrying out diverse garden tasks such as transplanting, weeding, digging, and loosening soil around plants.

  1. Transplanting Spade

A transplanting spade can easily get into tight spots in the garden with its long slender blades, thus reducing the possibility of any damage to plants in the proximity. It steals a march over traditional spades thanks to its ability to dig deep holes for accommodating plant roots.

  1. Pruners

A good pair of Secateurs or Hand Pruners are renowned for their innate aptitude to keep overgrown shrubs and trees within bounds. On the usability front, pruners with a swivel handle are much preferred since they are easier on the wrist.

  1. Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows or garden carts make light work of trucking through the garden with unwieldy bags of peat moss and heavy sacks of soil. Wheelbarrows are intrinsically designed to transport everything from stacks of debris to a big pile of fodder in a jiffy!

  1. Fork

Mulching and composting are the pivots which are essential for maintaining your garden’s pungent and fresh aromatic breeze. And, for them to materialize, you need a garden fork that boasts of closely spaced sturdy stainless steel tines that are vital for- safely pulling out the roots of a well-settled perennial, dividing overgrown plants and harvesting root vegetables.

  1. There hook

A quality hay hook lets you rip apart mangled mess of tenacious soggy debris by pulling and sinking its sharp hook into the ground. Besides, due to their long slender handles, hay hooks out-rightly eliminate the chances of shoulder and back strains.

  1. Bow rake

You can easily take a load off your back with a deft bow rake that makes short work of almost any soggy debris lying scattered around your garden area. Purchase a bow rake whose head is composed of forged steel that is welded to the bow. It is your best bet for raking soil, gathering leaves, pulling asphalt, gravel, and dirt out.

  1. Scissors or Shears

What’s a garden without an array of utterly diverse flowers? Scissors or shears help in removing dead flower-heads and cutting the stems of perennials.

  1. Shovels

Round point and square nosed shovels are indispensable gardening accessories that have a blade with a long socket. They can be used as pry bars for cutting drainage channels to maneuver water wherever you need. A flat-nosed shovel is capable of peeling off dry walls with equal might.

Final Words About Gardening Tools

Now that it’s established that gardening is incomplete without quality hand tools, for acquiring good results you also need to place your trust in top-notch brands such as FALCON, KETSY, NILE, and BELLOTA, among others.


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