List of Key Reasons for Using the RIGHT Single Phase Electric Motors

5 Reasons to Use Single Phase Motors

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What is Single Phase Electric Motor?

An electric motor is a device that is used to translate electrical energy into motion; in other words, an electric motor is a device that helps in the conversion of electrical energy into kinetic energy. A single-phase motor is a type of alternating-current motor that does not depend on the availability of three-phase power to operate.

List of Major Reasons for the Use of Single Phase Electric Motor for Your Work 

In case you have decided to use a single-phase motor for any of your domestic, business requirements and are not sure as to whether you have made the right decision considering the gamut of motors available to choose from, here are a few reasons why you should put these single-phase motors to use:-

#1)Light in Weight

Single phase motors are light in weight and compact in comparison with other motors available for use in similar applications. The current that is allowed to pass through the motor lines is relatively less in magnitude since the transmission voltage is high. This allows the conductor to be amply portable.

#2)Efficient Transmission

The presence of low magnitude of current in the conductor lines serves one more advantage: the I2R losses get substantially reduced. The reduction in I2R losses, in turn, helps increase the efficiency of transmission, allowing the unit to give optimum performance.

#3)Lesser Substation Requirement

The reduction in I2R losses is advantageous since it allows for the effective distance between two substations to be increased; this, in turn, implies that the same area can be covered completely by deploying a fewer number of substations. Also, such a setup can accommodate a substation in close proximity of high voltage grid, thereby, reducing the cost of setting up the entire process of transmission.

#4)Compatible for Outdoor Applications

Single phase motors are compatible for use in outdoor applications. They are resistant to water and dust. They are usually totally enclosed motors that are equipped with a fan to assist in the cooling operation, allowing easy use in rough weather conditions as well.

#5)Cheaper to Manufacture

Single phase motors are simple in their construction and very cheap to manufacture as well when compared with other motors.

Final Words

You can use these single-phase motors in your juicers, ice cream vending machines, blowers, condensers, chiller units, lawnmowers, domestic flour mills,  wood planers, cutters, hydraulic pumps, and fuel dispensers, to name a few.


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