5 Solar Must Have for Everyone

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Solar Panels, Tools Overview in Detail

Everyone seems to be going solar; ever wondered why? If you happen to care for Mother Nature, then you might be in for some grave disappointment: a recently conducted survey has it that the majority of people who adopted solar did so only because of the economical benefits they’d reap in the long run and that they wouldn’t have let go of their traditional energy-producing systems if it were only for the sake of saving the environment.

The survey further found that all participants who did go solar were not just happy at having made the investment but also looking to replace more conventional-energy run appliances of day-to-day use with the solar-driven, economical alternatives to save more moolah!

List of Top 5 Solar Powered Products to Buy Online in India

If you happen to be smitten by the radiance of the sun and the appliances it can drive, you might want to get hold of these cool solar-powered products to stay not just economical but also trendy:-

  1. Solar Power Bank

A power bank is a modern gadget that helps charge smartphones on the go; but a regular power bank too runs the risk of running out of charge.  A solar power bank can completely eliminate all your charge-related worries since you’d only have to expose the gadget to sun while commuting to work every day in order for it to get charged to charge your smartphone in return.

  1. Solar Fan

A solar fan can help you stay cool on a hot summer day without taking a toll on your monthly utility bill. The fan is driven by the electricity generated by a solar panel; its operational speed increases with the increase in the outside temperature, thus providing you better cooling and flow of air. The solar fan comes in many designs—you could choose from a solar table fan to a solar ceiling fan, depending on the nature of your requirement.

  1. Solar Inverter

A solar inverter is a device that performs the conversion of the direct current output of a photovoltaic solar panel to a safe, utilizable frequency of alternating current that can be used to drive an entire electrical grid or an off-grid electrical network. You could use it to power your entire office or home the economical way!

  1. Solar CCTV Camera

If you are thinking of setting up your place with CCTV surveillance, you might want to consider going for solar-run CCTV cameras. CCTV systems have got to stay on all day long and they often consume a lot of electricity. It is best that they are driven the solar-way for them not to consume the major chunk of electricity that they surreptitiously do, as they monitor your premises.

  1. Solar Bag

A solar bag comes to set up with a solar panel that can help you charge your devices on the go. The light-weight, the portable bag can help you charge your Bluetooth devices, music players on the go.

The bag comes with a separate laptop compartment and a USB connector to charge devices with.


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