5 Wrenches You Ought To Have In Your Tool Kit

5 Wrenches You Ought To Have In Your Tool Kit

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What is Wrenches?

Wrenches are hand tools that come in handy for a wide range of applications – for do-it-yourself tasks at homes, in the aviation industry, and in the automobile industry to name a few. These tools assist us in applying torque by tightening or loosening the nuts and bolts that hold any object together. We can buy wrenches online easily by choosing from a large number of wrenches and zeroing down on the ones that suit our requirements.

List of 5 Essential Wrenches That You Must Have in Your Toolkit

Here is a list of five wrenches that you ought to have in your tool kit to accomplish various tasks in multitudes of settings:-

#1)Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench, as the name suggests, is adjustable in size; it can cater to a wide range of differently sized nuts and bolts. This hand tool has a jaw whose width can be changed to easily grip nuts and bolts of various sizes. If you cannot find the right wrench to tighten or loosen a nut, an adjustable wrench can serve the purpose for you. One pre-requisite to using this tool is that it should not be dealt-with with too much pressure, lest you may end up breaking it.

#2)Open End Wrench

The open-end wrench is called so because it is open-ended at both its ends; it has u-shaped cavities of different sizes at both its ends. This unique ‘U’ shape equips it with a firm grip over the nuts and bolts. Use this hand tool with the utmost ease in compact spaces. The ends of the open end wrench are aligned at an angle of 15 degrees to its central axis, providing more scope of unhindered movement even in closely bound areas.

#3)Combination Wrench

These wrenches are a combination of the open-end wrench and the box end wrench. They resemble the open-end wrench at one end and the box end wrench at the other end. The box end of the combination wrench resembles a circular ring; the diameter of this circular ring varies in accordance with the overall size of the combination wrench being used.

#4)Pipe Wrench

The pipe wrench is specifically used to clasp objects that are cylindrical in nature such as pipes and tubular fittings. This type of wrench has saw-toothed jaws which equip it with a grip so sturdy that it can even leave a lasting impression on the object. Thus the pipe wrench should be avoided on objects that may get damaged from its jaw marks.

#5)Torque Wrench

The torque wrench is used to fasten nuts and bolts to a certain magnitude of torque. The three popular types of torque wrenches are the gauge torque wrench which stops turning the wrench, once the pre-defined magnitude of torque is reached; the dial torque wrench which is used mostly in calibration processes and the clicking torque wrench which makes use of a clicking sound to indicate that the desired torque has been reached.

Final Words About Wrenches

A good quality wrench is as important as is selecting the right kind of wrench that suits your requirement. A few brands that you can rely on, for some of the best quality wrenches at reasonable prices are Prime Tools, Ambika, GB Tools, Everest, Taparia and Venus.