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7 Fire Safety Essentials for Offices

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Overview of Safety Essentials for Office

The 21st Century has propped up fire safety as a burning issue for every workplace irrespective of locale. Fires have become such a menace everywhere, be it in a manufacturing hub or an industrial site, that nothing can escape their wrath. What’s worse? The ensuing havoc and mayhem created by them take eons to resurrect things back to normalcy.

In fact, morbid industrial fires kill thousands of people worldwide every year by engulfing everything in their flames and razing structures to the ground causing widespread sorrow and grief. Thus, fire safety should be the topmost priority of employers to ensure maximal protection of workers.

Fire Safety Essentials for WorkPlace in Making Office and Employee Safe & Secure

Here is a precise lowdown on necessary precautionary measures against fires to keep workplaces perfectly safe and secure!

#1. Alert Systems

A robust emergency smoke alarm should be in place to ward off employees about the looming danger of a ruthless firebreak. The smoke alarm system should be audible to employees in far-off areas inside the premises when it goes off. These days, you can avail smoke alarm systems that deliver messages to employees on their mobile devices or computer screens, warning of imminent dangers.

#2. Escape Routes

All employees should be made familiar to fire escape plan(s). It is incumbent upon the employers to avail their employees of all the escape routes. The fire exit should ALWAYS be a clear path, such as an underground tunnel or a backdoor exit. Ensure all escape routes are clearly marked with signboards displaying directions to people trying to escape the building.

#3. Fire Extinguishers

When the topic is fire safety, a fire extinguisher’s picture definitely pops in mind. If a fire spreads quickly, a fire extinguishers may be the best weapon to douse it and save precious lives which is why there should be abundant fire extinguishers at any workplace. Furthermore, fire extinguishers should be made readily available to workers for steady use in emergency situations so they can put out the fire before it’s too late!

#4. Evacuation Plan

Sometimes, a thorough inspection or safety audit may reveal horrible loopholes in existing fire escape plans. The best way to go about such a predicament is to formulate a handy, fool-proof fire evacuation plan that ensures the safety of all the employees without a speck of injury on their body. Also, forge a ready PLAN B as well! Evaluate specific areas where workers are more gullible to swift fires or explosions. Plus, make it mandatory for workers to follow fire safety guidelines laid down in the plan.

#5. Impart Training

To bolster evacuation plans, dole out comprehensive training to workers about the usage of fire protection equipment like hose pipes, fire extinguishers, etc. It is prudent to provide workers with instructional materials or booklets for using such equipment. Moreover, planning mock fire drills can better inform and train them about fire emergency scenarios.

#6. Declutter your workplace

Get organized! Decluttering office hallways and other fire-prone areas is one of the best time-tested remedies to reduce industrial fire hazards. Paper and other flammable materials that are disposed of together can catch fire when sparked by frayed intertwining electrical wires. Hence, never pile up material in a passageway. Clutter may also block the emergency exits and make evacuating operations during a firebreak a tough ordeal!

#7. Prohibit Smoking in Risky Environments

Smoking kills, and in more ways than one. Puns aside, employers should designate a special area outside the building or inside the premises exclusively for smoking. Restrict smoking nearby areas where a lot of paperwork takes place. Put up No SMOKING signboards and install fire-resistant receptacles for smokers to safely put out their lights and dispose of used cigarettes.

Final Words About Office Safety Essentials

Remember, the best way to come up trumps against a mighty fire hazard is to call the nearest fire brigade ASAP. Dial-in emergency number 101 and get rescued!


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