7 Great Yoga Exercises for Asthma Relief

7 Great Yoga Exercises for Asthma Relief

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Asthma Overview in Details

Asthma patients ceaselessly complain of how they always have to settle for and even learn to take a lack of much activity in their lives in their stride. Many a time, even the slightest bit of exercise can trigger the most serious of asthma attacks in such patients or in the best case, make them cough, experience tightness in the chest or excessive discomfort in breathing.

The most common misconception that exists among most asthmatics is that they shouldn’t exercise even when they can. However, there are some yoga exercises that asthma patients can perform under proper supervision whilst keeping the nebulizer within an arm’s reach from themselves.

List of Top Yoga Exercises for Asthma Relief

Here are a few of the poses that can not only add some activity to the sedentary lifestyles of most misinformed asthmatics but also treat the common symptoms associated with the breathing disorder:-

  1. Shavasana

Shavasana is a yoga pose that requires that a person lie, as still as a corpse, on his back with his palms and feet left loose for, at least, a duration of 5 minutes. It is a great way to reduce stress and manage inhalation and exhalation better. The yoga pose in no way runs the risk of triggering a bout of breathlessness in the patient!


  1. Sukasana

This yoga pose involves sitting in a cross-legged position with the back aligned in such a manner that, both, the tailbone and the pubic bone are equidistant from the ground.  The hands may or may not be allowed to rest on the knees. Similar to shavasana, sukhasna improves breathing and alleviates stress levels.


  1. Forward Bending

The yoga pose is of great help in opening up the lungs so as to provide natural asthma relief. Standing with the legs spread slightly wide, the asthmatic patient bending forward has to hold each elbow with the opposite hand and maintain the posture for a few minutes.

Forward Bending

  1. Butterfly Position

The relaxing yoga position involves sitting with the soles of both the feet touching each other. The conjoined heels have to be pulled in towards the hips, causing both the knees to rise. The position has to be maintained for a period of five deep breaths

Butterfly Position Yoga

  1. Bridge

The bridge position involves lying flat on the ground with arms stretched out parallel to the body and the feet bent in directly in line under the knees. The back is then lifted up to arch and form a bridge-like gap between the body and the floor.

Bridge yoga

  1. Supportive Fish

The position works wonder for the bronchial tube, helping asthmatics breathe manifolds better.

Supportive Fish Yoga

  1. Pranayama

Pranayama, one of the most popular yoga exercises with all yoga lovers, assists in healthy breathing. Sitting cross-legged with the eyes shut, the entire attention is to be drawn in on one’s breathing.

Pranayama yoga

Final Conclusive Words

Research shows that patients performing the forenamed yoga exercises regularly over the course of eight weeks experienced great improvement in their symptoms than did patients who absolutely abstained from performing exercises at all.


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