Employee Safety is Employee Responsibility

A stand on safety: Employee Safety is Employee Responsibility

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Employee Safety Overview in Detail

It’s a general perception that employers or office management are the solely responsible for the safety of its employees. However, we predominantly overlook a very important aspect in this conventionally accepted fact, that is the duty of employees towards themselves. Everyone has a right to work in a safe and hazard free environment.

Employees share an equal responsibility for maintaining a safety culture in one’s offices or outdoor sites. Even, Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act (2005) impose duties on both employer and employees for the safety of the employee. According to the section 13 of Act 2005 employees must adhere to the following:

  • Employees must attend all the training provided by the employer on time.
  • Employees must use all the equipment and practices according to instructions and teachings.
  • Employees must cooperate with all the terms of employers regarding the health and safety.
  • Employees must not be under the effect of any intoxicant during work.

Many jobs like construction work, mining, factory work, industrial jobs require employees to use a number of safety equipment, protective gears and proactively practice a number of preventive measures. Employees should take accountability of all the safety equipment used by them are of high quality and in top notch condition. For instance, people indulge in mining should have a check that all the required equipment like Respiratory protection gadgets, Hearing protection gear, Industrial work wear, Fire protection, Safety Googles, etc.

Workplace hazards are a daily concern and must not be taken lightly. According to a survey of 2016, an average of 56 employees per day becomes victim to workplace hazards. Safety equipment is not only required in factories, construction sites, mines, etc. but in every office regardless of the industry.

Employees must make sure that in whatever sector they are working; their workplace must have following safety gadgets nearby:-

One’s safety is in their hands. These workplace hazards are sheer results of ignorance and can be easily avoided by using basic protective gears and preventive measures. For examples, slips are a common day thing and these falls can give fatal blows other than regular fractures, sprains, strains, etc. They can be easily prevented by using Safety shoes. Safety Gloves can be used during electric works.

No one knows a job better than an employee who is doing it. As an employee, one must talk to their superiors regarding the efficiency of safety tools and their quality. Employees should exhibit leadership and ownership and take charge in creating a hazard-free workplace.


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