3 Essential Power Tools for Any DIY Project

3 Essential Power Tools for Any DIY Project

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Power Tools Overview in Detail

Power tools add an additional thrust to the manual labour that goes in your daily hammering, nailing, cutting, drilling, grinding with the assistance of electric motors, magnetic mechanisms, hydraulic mechanisms, combustion or even compressed air! Power tools reduce the strength of the force inflicted on your body, giving them an edge over regular hand tools.

Categories of Power Tools

Power tools can be broadly segmented into two categories – namely, stationary power tools and portable power tools. Whereas on the one hand, stationary power tools are mammoth, heavy-weight machines or are usually fastened to immovable objects; on the other hand, portable power tools can be easily held in the hand and operated simultaneously, by the same person.  Portable power tools are thus handy machines and can also be easily carried from one place to another.

Another way to compartmentalize power tools is by virtue of their energy utilization mechanisms –power tools running on compressed air mechanism allow air to gush through the device with a great impact so as to move the various mechanical parts; power tools driven by electricity either house an electric motor or house a battery; power tools involving the combustion mechanism either make use of cartridges which are small explosive charges or make use of combustion engines.

Where do I use the Power Tools Safely?

Professional power tools are used everywhere – from construction sites and industries to garages.  They also find a more personalized use, closer home, for fixing that beautiful painting on the wall, suspending a chandelier, grooming your garden,  doing some wood work,  fixing a car break down.

Get hold of the angle grinder, for your cutting, polishing and grinding needs, that comes with a replaceable disc operated with the help of internal gears. Grab the Himax Angle Grinder to get the best finish for your tasks. A rotary Hammer can come in handy if you need a rotary drill equipped with a hammering action.

The Hitachi-Koki Rotary Hammer is one of the best buys in this category;  it can pulverize any brittle material with ease with its pounding and thrusting action.  Grab the electrical screwdriver which has a steel shaft; an electrical screwdriver allows you to tighten screws to a preset torque without causing any kind of damage or without over-tightening the screws. For instance, you could use an Electrical Screw Driver by Kyowa to tighten your screws.

You could also make use of the Bosch Impact Driver for powerful, rotational jerks in the downward direction; the Dewalt Sander Polisher to get a beautiful finish to varied surfaces; the cordless tool battery chargers by Dewalt and Hitachi; variable speed blowers by Black & Decker, Skil or Sterling; or a Tile Cutter and a Marble Cutter by Cumi and Makita respectively.

3 “Must Have” Power Tools for Any DIY Project

1.Impact Wrenches

A regular wrench provides additional torque to fasten or loosen nuts and bolts. Upgrading to an impact wrench –which is mostly powered by means of compressed air, electric motors or hydraulic power—would render high magnitude of torque whilst exerting minimal stress on the user.

2.Mitre Saws

Mitre saws are very useful in making crosscuts with exquisite precision at selected angles. They are very portable and can be used in a range of woodworking applications.

3.Cordless Screw Drivers

This class of cordless power tools needs no introduction. The cordless screwdrivers are always helpful in fastening and unfastening your screws to the desired torque.