Car Battery Care: How to Help Your Car Beat the Heat this Summer?

Car Battery Care: How to Help Your Car Beat the Heat this Summer?

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Car Battery Care Overview in Detail from IndustryBuying

If you were to ask a number of car owners as to which season wreaks the most havoc on their cars, you’d hear a unanimous response—winters! It is very astonishing that most people tend to fret over their car batteries only during the colder months when it is actually during summers that car batteries tend to be at a much greater risk of suffering damage.

As a matter of fact, it has been found that the summer heat butchers car batteries 33% faster than does the cold of winters—so much so, that more batteries succumb to the heat in July than they do in the biting cold of January.

List of Different Ways to Take Care of Car Battery Care

Here are a few ways you can take care of the battery of your prized possession this summer and simultaneously ensure that you are not one of those unfortunate few who have to witness the untimely departure of their car batteries:-

  1. Avoid Excessive Heat

Wherever possible, try and give a miss to exposing your car to excessive heat. Even though it may not be possible for you to do so when you are actually out on the road, driving around during the day time, it would definitely be possible for you to park under the shade of a tree.

If underground or covered parking is an option at your home, ensure you make the most of it and keep your car cool and safe, at least, during the weekends.

  1. Inspecting the Battery & Electrical System

There is a good reason as to why it is important that you religiously stick with your regular car-servicing schedules. Having driven you around through kilometers on end, your car and car battery and auto electrical circuit deserve that they are looked at, examined, and maintained as required depending on the condition they are in.

Moreover, believe it or not, your mechanic, with years of experience in the car maintenance sector, will definitely be able to identify ailing electrical components much better than you can.

  1. Cleanliness

It is not just the car compartment that needs to be kept clean; it is equally important to keep everything below the car bonnet in good condition. Dust and dirt have an innate ability to stick with anything and everything; so, it sticks to the terminals of your car battery as well.

Accumulated dust can lead to corrosion which, in turn, can cause drain and exert the battery out even further. It is best to maintain hygiene under the car bonnet!

  1. Monitoring the Water Levels

It is no surprise that the water levels in your car battery will recede faster than usual during the summer months. Put distilled water from time to time to keep the batteries in good shape.

  1. Driving Habits

How much you drive, how often you pull over at a rest stop, the mileage, et al, have a role to play too! Dim headlights are an indicator that the batteries have worn out.

The above mentioned should get your precious car battery out of the woods not just this summer but for many more to come!


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