Customer Retention – Tips For Happy Customers

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Customer retention plays a major role in helping businesses reach new heights. Retaining old customers along with making new ones is most important for any e-commerce business. Customer retention increases the lifetime value of customers along with boosting your revenue. But because of great competition and a vast variety of products and services, it is difficult to retain the existing client base.
Here are some tips to help you do so –

1.Relate to your customers on a personal level – Treat your customers like your own people, show them empathy so as to make them comfortable. Give them the best customer experience and know them well.

2.Listen to their complaints – It is essential that you maintain a note of the complaints of your customers and try to solve their issues as quick as you can.

3.Opt for a feedback or recommendation program – If the customer loves your product, they will surely tell it to their family and friends. Give your customer a referral program via email or SMS and offer them attractive deals. Also, provide the facility of customer reviews on products so that other potential leads can also benefit from it.

4.Separate campaigns for existing customers – To retain your customers, it is important to keep them in the loop regarding all product communications. Keep in mind the style and tone of your message and create a separate campaign for your existing customers.

5.Stay in touch post transaction – Do not focus only on sales, rather focus on customer building. Give your customers the reasons to come back again, help them subscribe to your newsletters to stay updated about latest offers and announcements.

Customer trust is the foremost concern of any business. Try every strategy that you can and trust your approach.

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