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What is Degreaser?

A degreaser is a type of cleaning agent that contains solvent and is especially formulated for the removal of grease. It is a chemical product that is largely used for the removal of water-insoluble substances such as grease, paint, oil, lubricants, corrosive products, abrasive dust and all other organic films. This product is particularly useful in tasks associated with refurbishment as it can be used over a wide array of materials, be it metal, laminated board, plastic or tiles. Moreover these products are quite easy to use, making it convenient for one to make any corrections while working on a project.

Degreasers are used widely in industries such as aircraft, automotive, nuclear power plants, pharmaceutical, paint, printing, transportation, optics, marine and semiconductor. They can also be used in domestic cleaning, e.g. for floors, tiles cleaning, etc.

A degreaser is generally used in areas that need heavy duty cleaning such as restaurants. Heavy duty degreasers are manufactured from hydrocarbon solvents such as kerosene and xylene. It is important to keep in mind to avoid putting degreaser directly into bearings and cables, as this can result in grease that’s required being washed away. Occasionally using degreaser may be required on road bikes around the brakes, particularly after very wet weather riding to shift the brake pad residue.


  • Completely removes insoluble substances
  • An eco-friendly cleaner
  • Less hazardous to humans
  • Non-corrosive and non-conductive

What is Gasket Remover?

It is designed to remove cured chemical gaskets by softening the material on the flanges. Once applied, the product develops a foam-like layer on the gasket, preventing the agent from running off the desired location. It therefore keeps working for the required duration. Typical applications of the gasket remover includes removal of all types of chemical gaskets from metal flanges. It is particularly suitable for aluminum or other soft metal flanges where scraping could lead to surface damage.


  • Removes cured gasket sealants and traditional gaskets in 10 to 15 minutes
  • Minimal scraping
  • Usable on most types of surface


It prepares metal parts for new gaskets, eliminating scraping and sanding. Works on wood; non-corrosive on aluminum. Not for use on plastics, linoleum, or synthetic fibers.

  • Product is used as a final pre-assembly cleaning treatment to remove most greases, oils, lubrication fluids, metal cuttings and fines from surfaces to be bonded. Its high solvent power allows it to be very effective in other degreasing or part-cleaning applications.
  • Clean stainless steel sinks using Degreaser and Stanley stainless steel sponges.
  • Presoak dishes using 1 capful of Degreaser in your dish-water. Soak dishes for several minutes, then wash as usual.
  • To remove grease from hands, add a few drops on your hands mixed with hand soap. Scrub and rinse for a quick cleanup.

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