Digital Clamp Meter Buying Guide

Digital Clamp Meter Buying Guide

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Overview of Digital Clamp Meter

A Clamp meter is an Electrical instrument used for measuring the current flowing through a conductor. An AC Clamp meter fundamentally comprises of a Current transformer in its jaws, bar CT generally. A Clamp meter utilise the guideline of current transformer to show Display Reading.

However, a DC clamp meter uses a Hall Effect sensor for the measurement of current.

Advantages of Clamp meter over other Electrical tools

There are mainly two advantages of Using Clamp meter


In clamp meter, there is no need of physical contact between jaws and Conductor so it removes the old method of cutting into wires and measurement with the insertion of test lead into circuit. Due to the non-contact method it provides safety to electricians.  This is the main reason why it becomes most popular electrician tool for measurement of current nowadays.


Its not necessary to shut down the circuit supply during measurement with clamp meter, So it provides hassle-free measurement. So it increases Efficiency and Productivity of work.

Applications of Digital Clamp Meter:

A Digital Clamp Meter can be used to measure:

  1. Current
  2. Voltage
  3. Crest Factor
  4. Continuity
  5. Resistance

Tips to Purchase a Digital Clamp meter

A Clamp meter can be used to measure both AC and DC current. So knowing the max current range before purchasing a Clamp meter is a necessary thing. These are some mandatory points to be considered while purchasing a Digital Clamp Meter which has been mentioned below:

  1. AC Current Range
  2. DC Current Range
  3. AC Voltage
  4. DC Voltage
  5. Jaw opening Size- depending upon the size of the conductor.

However, the selection of these depends upon the working conditions of the circuit whose measurement is to be taken.

Working of an AC Clamp Meter

After the instrument is clamped over a conductor, the magnetic flux generated due to current flow through the conductor cuts the secondary of the Current Transducer. In CT the current in secondary is converted to Voltage using the converter for current-to-voltage. The display will show the reading after the conversion of this signal from analog to digital which is done by the Converter. Usually, a micro-controller is used for this purpose.

Working of a DC Clamp meter

Unlikely AC, for the measurement of DC Current transformer, cannot be used.  So for this purpose, a Hall Effect Sensor is used. Hall element produces a voltage across the element due to magnetic flux generated due to the flow of direct current in the conductor.

Why to Buy Clamp meter online at

Quality is one of the most important things that our customers expect from us and hence we live up to their expectations by providing products from the country’s most trusted brands namely, Fluke, Metravi, Meco, CEM, Kusam Meco, Metrix+, Extech, HTC, FLIR, etc. Also, Industrybuying offers a wide range of AC, DC clamp meter and power on clamp meter.

You can readily choose from different types of digital clamp meters namely, digital clamp meter, digital power clamp meter, digital AC/DC clamp meter, TRMS clamp power meter, etc… You can now select the clamp meters based on their jaw diameter which mostly varies from 12.5mm to 58mm or more. Clamp meters are often accompanied by test leads that magnify its usages and make it capable of measuring properties like frequency, capacitance, voltage, resistance, duty cycle, and temperature.

They are most commonly used by electricians for checking electric systems and appliances and also in troubleshooting electrical issues. The clamp meters that we offer you can be bifurcated based on their counts like 1999, 4000, 6000, 9999, 2999, or even 50000 counts. If you are going for DC measurement, you can choose the meter based on the DC current or DC voltage range, while if AC is what you are going to handle in most cases, you can select the clamp meter that best fits your AC voltage and AC current range. Overall, the possibilities and options provided to you are endless. offers a seamless online shopping experience. You can easily look out for desired products and have plenty of branded products to choose from. The company offers exclusive discounts on top brands and if you are looking to buy in bulk you can avail great bulk discounts on your purchase. The company ships the purchase order above Rs, 1,000  free of cost right at your doorsteps.

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