Digital Distance Meter Buying Guide

Digital Distance Meter Buying Guide

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What is a Digital Distance Meter?

Also known as the Laser Distance Meter or Range Finder, the Digital Distance Meter is a device used for the Measurement of Distance from an object to a particular point. It uses a laser beam in order to determine the distance to a reflective object. With the use of the Laser Distance Measuring Tools, one can easily achieve accurate measurement readings in a very short period of time with minimum efforts.

Different Techniques Used to Measure Distance

When you go out to buy Digital Distance Meters, the first thing is to know the product features. The product features help you to choose the best Distance meter for your specific sets of requirements. Here are the prominent features which help you narrow down your search of Digital Distance Meter to an appropriate selection. 

#1)Time of Flight

The most common form of laser rangefinder operates on the time of flight principle by sending a laser pulse in a narrow beam towards the object and measuring the time taken by the beam to be reflected off from the target and returned back to the device. With the speed of light known and accurate measurement of the time taken, the distance can be calculated.

However, this technique is not so commonly used for the measurement of high precision sub-millimeter as the speed of light is high. However, triangulation and other techniques are widely used for Measurement Of distances.


It Uses geometry to measure distances for which range is from 1 millimeter to a number of kilometers.

#3)Phase Shifting

In Phase Shifting Technique a modulated laser beam is used which allows measurements over longer distances, but its accuracy is reduced. It is generally used for the target has diffuse reflection

#4)Frequency Modulation

In this principle, a frequency modulated beam is used for the measurement of Distance. The output of the distance measured is then converted into a frequency offset that is calculated by measurements of the laser’s beam that is returned.

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Tips to Select the Right Digital Distance Meter

When selecting one of these tools to purchase, we recommend you first compare the range or distance they are rated to measure(based on your work requirement) since some have a better range than the others. Also, some models have greater accuracy than others and some models are available with Bluetooth data transfer facility.

How to Operate a Digital Distance Meter

It’s very easy to use the Distance Meters to find out the Distance. Simply, point the laser dot on the walls, house, etc. and the result will be displayed on the LCD Screen. Nowadays Laser Distance Meter has multiple units of Measurement, all you have to do is, switch between the Units of measurement till you get the desired unit of measurement. These measuring devices are true time savers and are very accurate. In the Construction sector, these are used to measure wall to wall and floor to ceiling distances.

Advantages of Using Laser Distance Meters:

  1. Quicker Measurement, so that means it can save your time.
  2. Automatically Working
  3. Measurement of Long Distances Becomes easier
  4. Ability to Record Measurement
  5. With the Use of Bluetooth compatible Distance Meter, You can easily Transfer Data to other Devices
  6. More accurate and Reliable
  7. Compact size, you can keep it into your pocket too.
  8. Safer as you may not need to walk out on a wall or ledge or ladder in some case
  9. Can be Easily used By Single Person unlike Tape measurer

Major Area of Application:

  1. Defense- To measure the distance and location of targets
  2. Sports- In games like golf, hunting where need to measure long distances
  3. 3 D Modelling- Laser rangefinders are used extensively in 3-D object recognition, 3-D object modeling, and a wide variety of computer vision-related fields
  4. Industrial productions
  5. Construction & Civil Works

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