Displays Buying Guide

Displays Buying Guide

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Displays Overview

With the wide variety of displays available in the market and even new types being added, it is not surprising to find people confused which is suitable for their needs. We, here, give you a basic rundown on the major types of displays present in the market and their features. Though not comprehensive, it will definitely point you in the right direction and we believe in you that you can carry on further!

List of Different Types of Displays Available in the Market

#1)LCD Displays:

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Displays. The display uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals. It is controlled by a low power CMOS LCD controller making it a good choice for low power projects.

#2)LED Displays:

These displays are made by light-emitting diodes. It usually uses an array of LEDs as pixels for display. Advantages include higher brightness, wider viewing angles, and multicolored displays. They are best suited for advertisement boards, applications requiring frequent switching However, these are generally more expensive and can shift color due to ageing as well as they require more precise control.


The basic layman difference between LED and OLED is that instead of using arrays of individual diodes as bulbs, OLED uses an ‘organic film’ of LEDs. They function without a backlight and hence are extremely power-conserving as well can produce much deeper blacks. These are also thinner, lighter and even flexible than other displays. These are also much more durable but are quite expensive.

#4)7-Segment LED Display

7-segments displays find many uses in real life.  A 7-segment display, as the name suggests, consists of 7 LEDs arranged in the shape of a square 8 and a single LED as a dot character. It displays characters 0 through 9. The two modes that are available are common cathode and common anode. You can find customized displays which will have the LEDs arranged in some other fashion, even to form alphabets, but usually there is some form of a distortion left since only straight lines are used.

#5)Dot-Matrix LED Display:

A dot-matrix display contains a group of LEDs as a two-dimensional array. They can display different types of characters and make up for the lack of curves in the 7-segment displays.

#6)Token Displays:

These are micro-controller based displays and are widely used in banks and restaurants. These are used to indicate the token number that is punched in by the operator.

#7)Arduino Displays:

The Arduino Display Module customizes itself especially for interfacing with the Arduino, in order to provide you with a quick and easy interface without any kind of wiring hassles. It helps you to quickly connect the 4D Arduino Adapter Shield to the Arduino as well as connect the 5-way cable between the Adapter and the Display Module, and be ready within seconds to start programming.

Choosing the best display for your need

Selecting a particular display primarily depends on your use. If you intend to use only numbers, it makes sense to use a 7-segment display as they will be much cheaper and durable. If you require to present text, then you need to consider the requirements of viewing angles, lighting conditions as well as power consumption.  Industrybuying offers the privilege of choosing from varied brands that include Explore, Robomart, Equeue etc to name a few. You can opt for the best product as per your needs ranging from LCD, LED, ARM Displays, Token displays, 7 Segment Displays and Arduino displays.

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