Door Locks Buying Guide

Door Locks Buying Guide

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What is Door Locks

Today’s door locks feature advances in technology, aesthetics, and functionality superior to locks made just a few years ago. Not only do today’s locks look beautiful, but they also deliver improved security for your home.

To ensure your door locks provide solid home security, choose locks that are pick-resistant and bump proof. Good locks use mushroom pins or pick shields to prohibit thieves from using picking tools to manipulate a lock’s internal mechanisms and gaining entry into your home.

List of Different Types of Locks Available in the Market and Tips to buy Locks

There are plenty of Locks available in the market. To help you choose the best lock for your requirements below mentioned are various types of locks and their respective features to help you in the same.

1)Mortice Locks

A lock that is fitted into the edge of a door is known as a Mortise lock.

  1. Mortise locks are available in dead-lock variant. The deadbolt is then thrown into the keep in the frame via a turn of a key to lock the door.
  2. The lever handles or knobs on the sides of the door operate the latch bolt.
  3. Standard mortise locks are ineffective when fitted to sliding doors, instead, a lock is required with either a hook or claw bolt.
  4. The bolt engages with keep to secure door in place when locked.

2)Rim Locks

  1. Locks that are fitted to the side of a door are known as rim locks.
  2. These lock have many styles, shapes, colours and security levels.
  3. Rim Locks are divide into 2 main category Night latches, Rim Deadlocks.

3)Nightlatch Locks

To lock the door the Night-latch locks use a larger latch bolt which is automatically engaged with the locks. Keep located on door frame when the door is closed.  Night-latches are available in many styles to suite house interior and exterior door. And security requirements too.

Deadlocking night-latches operate in a very similar way but with the addition of the deadlock feature from a key from the outside.


  1. One of the most usable lock types.
  2. Padlocks are also among the most common locks on the planet.
  3. When we talk about padlocks, there are 2 category. Combination padlocks, Keyed padlocks.
  4. They come in a different sizes and numeric combination too.
  5. They are the only type of lock that doesn’t need to be permanently attached to anything else like door, wall etc. to properly function.
  6. Combination padlocks require a numerical combination to open and keyed padlocks require a key to open.


These are popular for maximum security options. Most external doors are pre-drilled for deadbolts, making installation easy. When we talk about deadbolt, there are 2 type is most popular Single Cylinder and Double Cylinder.

  1. Single Cylinder very popular type of lock, the deadbolt is most often used on Front doors. Single cylinder deadbolts are most popular. The Single cylinder have a thumb turn on the inside and a key cylinder which makes up the outside of the lock.
  2. Double Cylinder deadbolts are less popular but more secure. However, they require a key to open the door from both the inside and the outside when it’s locked. Due to this very reason they aren’t used more commonly.

6)Knob Locks

The most common type of door locks. These are affordable, secure, easy to install. You can find Knob Locks in various styles — from round to egg-shaped — and various finishes. The lock cylinder itself is located on the knob and not the door which makes it suitable for exterior doors only.It is commonly used in residential exterior doors.

7)Lever Handle Locks

  1. Lever handle locks are most commonly used for commercial applications, specifically on interior doors. It’s extremely rare to see them used in residential settings.
  2. An ideal choice for places where the handicap accessibility is required.
  3. The big benefit of lever handle locks is their ease of use. Unlike Knob Locks, Lever handle locks are easier to open because of the push style handle. You aren’t required to grasp and turn them.
  4. If security is a top priority, you must consider investing in a lever handle lock.

8)Furniture Locks

A broad category of locks

  1. Furniture locks make up those locks used for items such as cabinets, desks, and sliding doors.
  2. They comes in numerous variations, they come in 2 most popular styles. Bolt style and Push button style.
  3. A piece of flat metal is inserted sideways into the lock which is unique feature of Bolt Style furniture. This is used to secure the device. Cabinets, and drawers are the most common places where you can easily find bolt style locks.
  4. Push Button style furniture locks, consist of a rod that comes through the back of the lock. This is used to secure the device. Unlocking the lock easily pops the retracting rod back into the main body of the lock. You’ll easily see furniture locks on cabinets and sliding doors etc.

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