Here’s What You Need to Know About Copter Kits

Here’s What You Need to Know About Copter Kits

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What are the copter kits?

A copter kit contains a set of equipment or components for a defined purpose. When talking about copter kits, there are a few variations listed out below :

1.DIY Kits:

These are Do-It-Yourself kits which will have the components and require you to build the system with any direct professional help. Of course, you can take help from other people. These kits involve cutting, soldering, configuring and other such things that make the whole project exciting.

2.Assembly Kits:

These simply don’t require much professional help at all. All components are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and fit neatly together. These are more like nuts and bolts not requiring you to be sitting and soldering wires to a board.

What is the requirements of Copter Kits?

Copter kits are bought by people who are enthusiastic about building something. They like to research on the components, the requirements, specifications and feel the joy of building something with their own bare hands. Copter kits provide everyone with a small experience of building something and watching it work.

What all components can you expect in a kit?

When we talk about a copter kit, there are many components that you need to see as a part of the kit. Here are the essentials:

  1. Copter frame – Whether you want to build a quad/hexa/octa-copter, the frame will be chosen accordingly.
  2. Propeller pairs – These need to provide enough thrust and should be able to withstand the force which will be put on them.
  3. Motors – Need to be of enough capacity to be able to actually produce sufficient torque so the copter is able to lift the payload.
  4. Electronic Speed Controller Circuit – Needs to be in tandem with your motors.
  5. Flight Controller board – Depends on the type copter and how much fine tuning you require.
  6. Flight controller – Needs to be compatible with your flight controller board as well as have the range which you are looking for.
  7. Battery – Depends on the what flight time you are looking for in the copter.
  8. Battery Charger – This would again depend on the battery.

There are additional things which you can look for in a kit, for example, a camera mount or a spray can as per your requirement. The beauty of these kits is that these are highly customizable – you can buy a bigger battery depending on your flight time, you can increase the size if you want bigger mounts – it is all up to you.

It all does look a bit difficult when you read through the requirements but you need not worry. Industrybuying provides you with copter kits which are tried and tested and work perfectly well. We provide kits with components whose specifications have been matched to work with each other.

Flight Time Calculator

Here we give you a short tutorial to calculate how long will your drone last. Of course, this is a very basic estimation. Another important point to remember is not to take your LiPo battery below 20% of its capacity as it can damage the battery permanently. Hence, you should use 80% of your LiPo battery capacity.
You require two variables:

1)Battery capacity – this would be provided to you by the battery manufacturer or the vendor.

2)Average Ampere Draw – this will require a bit of effort on your part. First, you’ll need to know the payload the copter will carry including it and the battery weight. Second, from the motor specifications, find out how many amperes of current does the motor draw to produce 100 gm of thrust. Suppose, your motor draws 1 amp of current to produce 100 gm of thrust.

If your quadcopter has to take a 4000 gm payload, each motor will need to produce 1000 gm of thrust in order to hover. Then, the average amp draw of your copter is 1 x (4 motors * 1000gm/100gm) = 40 Amps.

Now your quadcopter flight time is simply – (80% of battery capacity in Ah) / (average amp draw).

Points to be Considered While Buying the Copter Kits

  1. LiPo batteries are powerful but delicate. A wrong polarity connection for even a few seconds can blow up the motor. This needs to be specially kept in mind in case of DIY kits since there is going to be a lot a trial and error to get things work.
  2. Care should also be taken to tune the specifications of the motors and other parts according to your payload or you’ll end up with an underperforming drone or might even damage some or all of its components.
  3. If you are stuck, ask for help. There is no harm in asking rather than wrong connections and blowing things up. It is not going to be that difficult to find an enthusiast community who will be more than happy to help if not offline, then definitely online.

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