Hospital Bed Buying Guide

Hospital Bed Buying Guide

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Overview of Hospital Bed

Hospital bed selection is an important decision to make, depending on the difference in the nature of requirements. There are various types, different additions to the basic body like the panels used, with or without wheels, etc. that add to the variety here. We also offer customized hospital beds based on the requirement of our customers.

This guide examines the numerous varieties of hospital beds that are popular today, factors to consider when deciding on a hospital bed and the pros and cons of each kind of bed. Equipped with the information contained in the guide, you can purchase the correct hospital bed.

Let us have a close look at the different medical beds here.

Basic framework of hospital beds

The bed outline has a significant impact in the support and comfort of your loved one. Bed frames vary from bed decks (spring, grid, slat and full) which offer support to the sleeping mattress, also in terms of highlights (Manual, Semi, Full Electric, Hi-Low, etc.) and overall toughness/ durability (weight limit, guarantee, etc.).

Manual and Semi Electric Beds are less expensive than Full Electric Beds and are intended patients that will be requiring the bed for a shorter timeframe. Manual and Semi Electric Beds have spring decks and a less sturdy edge, so in the event that you are searching for a bed that will be utilized over 16 hours every day and additionally a bed that will be utilized for longer than 6 months, a Full-Electric Bed with a matrix, brace or full deck would be more suitable. Top of the line Beds offer more elements for your dear one and prove to be more steady and strong

Types of Patient Beds-

#1)Manual Hospital Beds

Manual beds utilize hand cranks to raise and lower the head and foot of bed and change bed height as suitable. Manual beds are more affordable than beds that utilize electric modifications, yet how frequently you have to make alterations, changing positions utilizing a hand wrench can be physically exhausting. Choosing an electric or semi-electric bed can be a good choice.

For patients who are in a fixed or semi-settled position and who don’t need re-positioning often, a manual bed can be a decent decision. These kinds of medical beds would range anywhere between INR 10,000 to 15,000.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Plays the same role as semi-electric or full-electric bed


  • All changes must be made physically
  • Requires physical effort for position adjustments

#2)Semi-Electric Hospital Beds

Semi-electric beds utilize an electric engine to perform head and foot modifications, however, height change is still performed by physically utilizing a hand wrench situated at the foot of the bed. Head and foot alterations are made utilizing a remote control, allowing re-positioning with a simple touch on the remote button. For patients who need the bed height balanced, a completely electric bed may be a superior alternative. The price of semi-electric beds would range between INR 20,000 to 30,000.


  • Relatively, pocket friendly
  • Remote-control head and foot alteration


  • Stature change utilizes a hand wrench component
  • Physical strength is required to alter bed height

#3)Full-Electric Hospital Beds

Full-electric beds utilize a similar kind of remote control as a semi-electric bed, however the remote controls the height of the complete bed, foot and head alterations as well. Full-electric beds utilize a pulley framework with steel links to securely alter the height for patients who require the bed to be brought down or lowered so that they can get up easily without much of a stretch, and for care providers who want the bed to be higher for feeding, medicating, etc. or to change materials.

All big hospitals like Apollo Hospital, Max Hospitals etc are generally equipped with these kinds of beds for proper care and convenience to the patient. These beds would cost more on your pockets and range between INR 70,000 to 1,00,000 approx.


  • Modification of all components is completely electric, requiring no physical quality
  • Great decision for patients who leave the bed every now and then


  • Higher cost than manual or semi-electric beds

#4)Hi-Low Hospital Beds

A hi-low bed can be a phenomenal decision for a patient at a higher risk for dropping out of bed. Offering a similar function as a full-electric bed, hi-low beds highlight a bed deck that is just 7 inches from the floor. Indeed, even with the expansion of a 6-inch sleeping pad, fall tallness would be limited to 13 inche.

Including a fall mat diminishes the danger of harm and in addition the height for fall if any. Additionally, hi-low beds rise automatically as the patient stands giving additional support and help.


  • Low profile enhances wellbeing and limits fall dangers
  • Auto-rise ability lessens the physical weight on patients and care provider


  • Somewhat higher cost than full-electric beds

#5)Heavy Duty (Bariatric) Hospital Beds

Bariatric beds include solid, strong casings intended to bolster patients from 350 lbs. to 1000 lbs. Edges are additionally more wide than standard beds to significantly increase patient comfort while offering similar qualities as a full-electric bed for ease and convenience.


  • Solid, more extensive casing planned particularly for heavier patients


  • Higher cost than a standard electric bed

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