How To Choose The Best CCTV Camera

How To Choose The Best CCTV Camera

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Overview of CCTV Camera

At a time when the world grapples with rising instances of crime, CCTV (or, closed-circuit TV) cameras have emerged as surveillance devices that have revolutionized the lives of people with their discreet style of functioning reminiscent of spy flicks—a la ‘’The Bourne Identity.’’

Arch nemesis of ruffians and sly trespassers alike, a CCTV camera is a secretly installed handy gear that deters an intruder who’s trying to barge into a house or establishment by capturing their movement and monitoring the area where they tread. CCTV cameras are linked to monitors or television screens for reviewing the footage and examining potential security breaches in the hopes of garnering a glimpse of a criminal or a situation.

List of Key Points to Consider While Choosing and Buying the Best CCTV Camera

And, thanks to the internet, you can now buy CCTV cameras of top-notch brands such as Panasonic, Hi-Focus & Godrej at the click of a mouse! However, purchasing the right CCTV camera is a tough task that requires prior knowledge of some things, which are mentioned below:-


The perspective camera’s resolution is a very pivotal specification you need to factor in when seeking a surveillance camera. The bottom line is—higher the camera’s resolution, the clearer the images you are likely to see. For optimal results, get a 1080p or higher resolution camera that is HD compatible with a DVR or any other recording device.

#2)Night Vision

The most common use of outdoor surveillance cameras is for monitoring at night, and to get a high definition image, you should purchase a camera with infrared (IR) technology. Close-in on a model that has a built-in IR cut-switch, which automatically enables or disables the infrared technology to produce a lucid image any time of the day.

#3)Desired Coverage

Always calculate the space, both inside & outside your home that you want covered by the viewing angle of the camera. Opt for a camera with wide-angled lenses to cut down on the number of cameras required for coverage of your property or purchase multiple cameras for increasing your reach.


There are two major styles of security cameras — bullet and dome. Out of these two, a dome-shaped camera is difficult to track for an intruder due to its peculiar pointing stance. If you want to mount your camera on a ceiling or wall, ensure that whatever camera you choose gets ample ground clearance.

#5)Recording Capacity

Do you want to sit down and watch relentless playback of the events that transpired in and around your home while you were away? You have to invest in a camera with hefty on-board storage capacity or cloud recording potential. Many security cameras with recording capabilities have an in-built microSD card that provides sufficient recording space.

#6)Mobile Compatibility

Various modern surveillance cameras are capable of live streaming feed directly onto your compatible smartphone. This is a worthwhile feature if you want to check in any time during the day or when you’re on a sabbatical for extended periods.

#7)Wired or Wireless?

Although wireless cameras are a breeze to reposition and install, you will still want to periodically check the battery levels for maximal protection.

Inversely, wired units require professional installation and continual access to a power outlet, but are inclined towards providing sharper images than their wireless counterparts.


Always home in on cameras that have a remote-controlled tilt, pan, and zoom functionality for deriving the best possible viewing angle and access to farther areas without physically re-positioning the camera.

#9)Energy Savings

Surveillance cameras are notorious for being energy hogs, hence it‘s prudent to acquire a model that records only when some motion is detected as it helps in slashing off operating costs. Many cost-effective (yet, swanky) models send you email or push notifications when something extraordinary is detected—so you need not continuously monitor yourself.


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