How to Save Fuel Without Driving Less?

How to Save Fuel While Driving Less?

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Overview of Fuel Prices

Fuel prices are sky-rocketing. There is no car driver who does not worry about fuel wastage and thinks of ways to save fuel in some way or the other. Sadly, many people think that the only way out is to drive less so as to simply lessen the amount of fuel consumed. However, there are much better ways to save fuel effectively. Take, for instance, the simple case of how properly inflated car tyres can lower the amount of fuel required by a car!

Tips to Save Fuels While Driving Less & Without Worrying about Increase in Fuel Prices

Here are a few ways you can save on fuel without worrying about the inflation in its prices. Read on to know more:-

#1)Fuel Economy Considerations

Whether you are driving from work to home or hitting the highway road, you must get into the habit of monitoring your fuel economy. Bring changes to your riding style, riding pattern, and observe the consequent changes in the consumption of fuel. It is even better if your car has a real-time fuel economy indicator. This can help you bring changes to your driving to keep the fuel economy to the maximum.

#2)Overall Car Maintenance

Chances are that you already go quite overboard when it is time to for your car to undergo its routine servicing and maintenance. However, in case, you are one of the rare few who don’t, you need to understand that timely maintenance and servicing sessions, besides fuelling up the safety and lifespan of the vehicle, also help you save on the money you spend on getting fuel refills every now and then! So much so that vehicle fuel mileage could even up by as much as 4% if the car is timely serviced.

#3)Ridding Unwanted Baggage

Make sure your car ride is light and easy in terms of the weight the vehicle has to drive around on all its fours! Getting rid of about 100 pounds of weight can give the fuel economy a 2-percent boost. The next time you go for a ride, check your boot and throw out all the unwanted baggage!

#4)Aerodynamic Ride

Do you enjoy wild, windy and sunny rides? Would you prefer keeping all the windows and the sunroof open to turning the air conditioner on and having an elite ride? If so, you are in for a bit of disappointment because open windows, once the car has reached around 48 kmph, can hinder with the aerodynamics of the ride, exerting more pressure on the engine in overcoming wind resistance and lowering fuel economy in the process.

#5)Driving Smooth & Shifting Gears Appropriately

Pacing way too quickly and way too slowly, lead to unnecessary wastage of fuel. Be good to your car and drive as smoothly as you can, shifting gears only when the RPM meter reflects 2000-2500 revolutions per minute. Even though the aforementioned cannot simply double your vehicle mileage, they can surely help improve fuel economy by anywhere between 15 to 25%. If you love to speed, even greater gains are in store for you!


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