Hydraulic Bending Machine Buying Guide

Hydraulic Bending Machine Buying Guide

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What is a bending machine?

The hydraulic bending machine is used to shear, punch, bend, scroll, and press many different parts. When considering industrial machinery, the hydraulic bending press is the perfect machine tool for the metal fabricator. The hydraulic pipe bending press can fit any small to medium-sized industry making way for machinery with distinctly lower production costs.


Working Principle of a Hydraulic Bending Machine

The hydraulic pump consists of piston, piston rod and oil. The hydraulic pump reciprocating handle moves upwards and downwards continuously so that the compressed oil goes into the hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder consists of a piston and a piston rod.

The end of the piston rod is the point where the ram is fixed. The compressed oil pushes the hydraulic cylinder piston forward. Already the pipe which is to be bent is fixed in between the die and the ram. The die is supported by the die holders.

To generate different shapes of bend pipes like “V” or “L” type we can change the die in the hydraulic pipe bending machine. The ram is struck against the pipe forcefully so that the pipe is bent according to the shape of the die in the die holder.

Advantages of Hydraulic Bending Machine

  • The main advantage of using a Hydraulic pipe bending machine is that it generates greater forces than mechanical pressure and hence it is used for forming, bending, drawing and extrusion operations.
  • The hydraulic pipe bending machine can exert its full forces at any position of the ram stroke whereas the force is maximum at the end of stroke in mechanical press.
  • The sliding action of the punch slide is uniform.
  • The length of stroke can be varied even within small ranges. No noise, no vibrations and hence smooth operation.
  • Stroke length and position of stroke can be varied easily.
  • Wide speed ranges with less loss in inertia.

Selection Guide for a hydraulic bending machine

1.Match machine capacity with material strength:

Many of the industrial-grade, production- style benders can operate at full capacity on a daily basis. Light-duty or entry-level machines may struggle when used at maximum capacity for extended periods of time.

The key to efficient, quality bends is making sure the bending machine can handle the tensile strength of the materials passing through in production numbers we anticipate. One should familiarise himself with materials for each job, and verify that they are within the machine’s capacity to alleviate costly service issues.

2.Material Selection:

The details of the application will determine what style of bender and tooling is right. As we prepare for a bending job, the following information is critical to make the best equipment and tooling choices to avoid bend failures like wrinkles, kinks, and crushing:

  • Material type
  • Size, outside diameter
  • Wall thickness
  • Centerline radius (CLR) of the desired bend—one-half the diameter of a 180-degree bend.


  • The hydraulic pipe bending machine brakes can be fitted with hundreds of tooling options for acting as a press brake.
  • Ram bender (for pipe or solids),
  • Rotary draw tubing bender
  • Shear, punch, ornamental iron twisting machine, straightener, etc.
  • This machine tool is great for any welding shop, fabricator, or general job shop.

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