It is the right time to buy solar products!


Solar products have entirely revolutionised renewable energy consumption throughout the world. The benefits of employing solar power are not unheard of. But the tremendous fall in prices of solar products have created a conundrum for those asking-” whether it is the right time to opt for solar products”. The answer to this is definitely YES.

Financial benefits : There are many variables that influence the total financial returns you can expect from installing solar over its lifetime. Keeping the past trends into account, it is evident that every year you delay on your solar decision, adds on to another year that you miss out on the financial benefits which your solar power provides (also known as the opportunity cost). As a matter of fact, your savings in upfront costs can be outweighed by the financial benefits received using solar power, if you had said yes to solar energy earlier.

Reduced electricity prices : Solar panels have a working life of around 25 years and you can continue to save on your bills till the time your solar setup is operational. This means homeowners with high electricity rates can save the most when they switch to home solar power. If you do not yet intend to go solar, you are simply increasing the burden on your pockets by paying high electricity bills.

Incentive programs : The Government offers subsidies and incentives to encourage the popularity of solar installations. With solar power gaining popularity, incentive programs would be phased out. Currently, there are plenty of financing options available that make it possible to install solar in your homes and offices at affordable rates.

Environment friendly : A solar panel generates enough emission-free electricity to offset the emissions from its manufacturing in six months. The panels generate power for 25-35 years, so they are definitely a more environmentally friendly option.

Considering the above factors, we recommend you to start exploring your solar options today. Needless to say, with the improvement in solar technology, now is the perfect time to jump on the solar bandwagon and go solar.

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