Dial Indicator

How To Read A Dial Indicator Like A Pro

Dial indicators, or dial gauges are nifty instruments that measure points on a 3-dimensional surface by making quick work of accurately measuring angles, or distance between two flat surfaces which would seldom be possible with…

Woman cleaning her house

How to Clean Your House Like a Pro?

Are you very lazy when it comes to cleaning your house? Do you always sit back and let the house-help slack off as she seemingly sweeps, cleans and mops all over your house? However, much…

AC Drives - Drives for Motor

How Drives For Motors Are Vital In Industries

Over the years, drives have established themselves as a wonderful phenomenon that have revved up motors in variegated machines which are of pristine importance in the industrial sector. Almost all industrial applications are dependent on…

The Importance of General Purpose Motors In Our Lives

Importance of General Purpose Motors In Our Lives

General purpose or three phase induction motors are devices that run on a three phase AC supply and are sometimes referred to as ‘’synchronous motors’’ since they operate at a speed disparate from synchronous momentum….