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Spherical Roller Bearing Buying Guide

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What is a Spherical Roller Bearing?

A Spherical Roller Bearing (SRB) is a bearing element that permits rotation with minimum friction and also permits angular misalignment that may occur during the working. These bearings majorly find application in critical applications where they are required to support high loads- radial and axial along with the misalignment.

Construction of a Spherical Roller Bearing

An SRB is made up of the following components

  • Outer Ring Raceway
  • 2 Inner Ring Raceway
  • 2 rows of rollers
  • Cage- to hold the rollers in position

Factors contributing to Bearing Performance

1)Symmetrical Rollers:

These provide optimal load distribution along the roller length and maintains low-stress levels under all load conditions

2)Roller Profile:

To have an evenly distributed load over the roller profile, the ideal roller profile should be spherical. It leads to uniform stress distribution over the roller.

3)Roller Tolerance:

Each roller should be identical in size so as to enable optimal load distribution over rollers and maximize the life

4)Cage Material:

A metallic cage SRB, is able to withstand high temperatures and all kinds of lubricants

Temperature Limits of operating SRB

  1. Dimensional Stability of Rings–  These rings when undergoing a special type of heat treatment process, are heat stabilized and can withstand high temperatures
  2. Seals: Different types of seals can withstand different temperature range such as NBR (up to 90 degrees Celsius), HNBR seals (up to 150 degrees Celsius) and FKM seals (up to 200 degrees Celsius)
  3. Lubricants: Proper selection of lubricants is required for optimum operation of bearings within specified temperature limits

Material Type of Spherical Roller Bearing

  1. The bearings rings and the rolling elements are made up of chrome steel (High Carbon chromium) with approx. 1.5% chromium content in it.
  2. The bearing cages can be constructed of different material types such as sheet steel, polyamide, brass, steel

Applications of Spherical Roller Bearing

Wherever there is an application involving heavy loads, moderate speeds and misalignment, SRB find application. These are used in the following type of industrial applications:

  1. Gearboxes
  2. Wind Turbines
  3. Pumps
  4. Off Highway vehicles
  5. Pulp and Paper
  6. Mining and Construction
  7. Mechanical Fans and blowers

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