Spray Gun Buying Guide

Spray Gun Buying Guide

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What is Spray Gun?

An air spray gun primarily uses compressed air to break up the material into small droplets and give these droplets a proper direction. The spray gun itself provides two convenient valves to start and stop the flow of compressed air and fluid. Materials can be brought to the spray gun by creating a vacuum at the face of a mix nozzle.

This vacuum draws the material through a tube coming from an open-top material container to the air nozzle of the spray gun for atomization. This method is called “siphon spraying”.

In the case of heavier fluids, the material can be pressurized and forced up to the air nozzle for atomization. This method is called “pressure feed spraying.”

Selection of the best right Spray Gun

The selection of a spray gun is determined by its function or end-use. The most common types of air spray guns and their features are listed below:

1)Heavy Duty Production Spray Guns:

  1. High volume of material output
  2. Rugged construction
  3. Must be able to handle a wide range of materials
  4. Provide the widest range of controls
  5. Ease of operation
  6. Modular design of components

2)Standard Production Spray Guns

  1. Performs the same as heavy production spray guns; normally takes the same air and fluid nozzles
  2. Lighter construction

3)Touch-up Spray Guns:

  1. Light weight
  2. Light Construction
  3. Small physical size
  4. Handle only light material

4)Automatic spray guns:

  1. Same requirements and nozzles as for production type spray guns
  2. Spray gun is operated by remote control

5)Special Purpose Spray Guns:

  1. Air blow guns
  2. Car washing guns
  3. Engine cleaning guns
  4. Road marking
  5. Extension pole guns
  6. Flow guns
  7. Flock spray guns
  8. Plural component spray gun

Parts Of A Spray Gun

The basic parts of a modern production spray gun are outlined as follows:

A.The air nozzle of a spray gun directs air jets to atomize the fluid so as to give the particles the required velocity to reach the product surface.

B.The final exit of the material takes through the nozzle.

C.The Needle assembly acts as a on/off valve for the material flow through the spray gun.

D.Side port control/ fan controls the air supply to the horns of the nozzle and thus regulates the spray pattern width.

E.Fluid control assembly provides mechanical pressure on the needle valve so that it will close when the trigger is released.

F.The spray gun body handle is designed as per ergonomics used to hold all the parts of the spray gun.

G.Air inlet is used for connecting a point for the air hose, normally 1/4 in. N.P.S.

H.Trigger activates and controls the air and material movement to the nozzles.

I.The air valve is primarily used to control the air movement through the spray gun.

J.Fluid inlet connecting point for cup or hose, normally 3/8 in. N.P.S.

Spray Gun Design

  1. Bleeder or non-bleeder type spray gun:
  2. Most production spray guns are non-bleeder type. The trigger allows the air to flow through the spray gun. Bleeder type spray guns are generally used with a small portable air compressor which helps in maintaining constant pressure and thus prevents the possibility of starting up the compressor against a load.

Construction Features:

  1. Removable head
  2. Cartridge type valve assemblies
  3. Adjustable needle assembly
  4. Trigger bearings and a wear plate

Material Used In The Construction Of The Spray:

  1. Aluminum
  2. Brass
  3. Stainless steel

Method of Construction:

  1. Drop Forging
  2. Die casting
  3. Rough Casting

Spray Operators Features:

  1. Weight
  2. Location of controls (front or rear of spray gun),
  3. Handling characteristics
  4. Balance

Design Features :

  1. Number of parts
  2. Ease of air flow through spray gun (pressure F. Design Features: drop)
  3. Air nozzle and fluid nozzle design
  4. Protective finish
  5. Type of material used in construction of fluid.

Maintenance Procedures

All air nozzles, fluid nozzles and needles, regardless of their cost should be handled with precision.

  1. Do not make any alterations as these could cause finishing difficulties (with the exception of needle adjustment).
  2. For cleaning air and fluid nozzles, soak the parts in solvent to dissolve the dried material on them and blow clean with air only.
  3. A tool smoother than brass should be used for probing any of the holes of the nozzle.
  4. The needle assembly must be adjusted in order to assure that the air turns on before the fluid does.

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