The Top 10 Weight Measuring Mistakes to Avoid

The Top 10 Weight Measuring Mistakes to Avoid

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The whole world seems to be on a fitness spree. Whether it is an obese person looking to shed a few kilos or an anorexic looking to put on a few kilos in a bid to become healthier and fitter, everyone seems to be constantly weighing themselves day in and day out.

List of Weight Measuring Mistakes Need to Avoid 

Do you happen to be one of these weight-conscious people? If so, are you sure you are weighing yourself the right way? Here are a few mistakes you ought to avoid when weighing yourself:-

1)Weigh yourself way too often

It is good to weigh yourself once in a while; however, you must not obsess over your weight and keep weighing yourself more often than necessary. Bodyweight fluctuates with a lot of factors. If you deliberately cut down on your carbohydrate intake by way too much, you would weigh lesser owing to temporary water loss.

2)Unaware of the weight of your clothes

Your clothes have their own weight. You must either wear the same set of clothes to weigh yourself every time or wear only as many layers as you usually do whilst weighing yourself to eliminate any clothing-induced discrepancies in your weight.

3)Not paying heed to body composition

Body composition is one health-and-fitness parameter always overlooked by most people obsessing over weight. Whereas body mass index is an important parameter to monitor and keep in check, body fat percentage is no trivial parameter either.

4)Weighing yourself at night

In case you happen to be hopping on and off the weighing machine several times a day, you might already have noticed that you usually tend to be at your heaviest best at night, once you are done with all the meals for the day!

5)Using different scales to weigh yourself

You must weigh yourself only on a fixed scale—preferably the one at your home. Weighing on different scales may show your different, wavering readings. It is, thus, best that you keep a tab on the progress you make only using the same weighing machine.

6)Using an inaccurate weighing scale

You may be tempted to buy an extremely cheap weighing scale, but the cheap scales are notorious for giving incorrect readings. Digital scales are preferred unanimously by one and all these days since they are more reliable and can be read easily.

7)Placing your scale inaccurately

Any weighing scale is designed to function only when kept on a levelled, hard ground. Keep your weighing on a floor rug only to get false readings!

8)Weigh yourself on Mondays

Most people tend to give in to their junk-food temptations over the weekend. You should weigh yourself on a Friday evening to keep yourself motivated over the weekend so as not to blow it over completely! Measure on Mondays and you’d only be adding to your Monday-morning blues by seeing the damage you’ve done over the weekend reflect in your weight!

9)Weigh yourself after working out

Do not ever weigh yourself immediately after returning from a rigorous bout of exercise. Your body is very likely to inadequately hydrated post your workout session! You are definitely going to weigh less after performing rigorous physical activity.

10)Getting anxious over-weights

You do not need to fret over your weight much; just stick to a healthy diet and exercise regime to let the extra kilos shed by themselves with the passage of time!

You ought to remember that you’d only know your true weight if you use an accurate weighing machine. It is, thus, of great importance that you buy one only from reputed manufacturers such as Healthgenie, Beurer, Equinox, CAS, and Samso, to name a few.


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