Wheel Chair Buying Guide

Wheel Chair Buying Guide

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This Guide will assist you to decide on various kinds of wheelchairs, wheelchair embellishments and their use.

Wheelchairs can be categorised into two unique types: manual and controlled wheelchairs. The real distinction lies in the means used for their movement.

Types of Wheelchair

1)Manual Wheelchairs

These are the wheelchairs that require mechanical/human push to move it. It can be naturally impelled by the user directly or by a guardian. Under this classification, wheelchair is also referred to as travel chair since somebody needs to push it by the handle.

This type could be further classified into following depending upon the ease of usage and folding ability:

  1. Folding Wheelchair
  2. Non Folding Wheelchair

Folding wheelchair is the most advisable model as this is quite comfortable to operate and easy in movement. It is simple to use, for both; indoor and outdoor purposes. It likewise comes in spoke and mag wheels. Mag wheels are the prominent type of wheels which are used in the wheelchair as it helps the patient in easy movement.

These manual wheelchairs come in various kind of frames like Chrome finish, Epoxy Powder coated, stainless steel.

2)Powered / Electric Wheelchair

These wheelchairs are impelled with the assistance of an electric engine that has a joystick/remote control that is utilized to control the bearings as well as the speed of the chair and does not require anybody to push it. There are likewise other types of controlled portability aids like the scooter. Wheelchairs or scooters generally have four or three wheels and at times, up to 6 wheels.

What to search for in a wheelchair

Most wheelchairs highlight the following features however are not limited to:

  • Padded or non-padded nylon upholstery
  • Padded or plastic armrest
  • Large step-tube end top on back of wheelchair for simple maneuvering
  • Pocket or pocket on back for keeping things
  • Large Step Tube End Cap

Wheelchair details:

This is a critical data to consider when buying a wheelchair. The particulars of a wheelchair that you will purchase relies on the structure and state of the expected client. The tallness, stance, weight and the structure of the proposed client is vital in settling on the best choice according to the data given by the merchant or maker of the seat.

Some of such data is examined below:-

1.Seat Width:

This can extend somewhere in the range of 14″ to 30 inches, could be specially crafted in certain cases. This ought not to be mistaken for space between the arms. You should gauge the patient’s bottom at the back when sitting on a level surface.

2.Space between Arms:

This is an essential snippet of data as it decides if the client can really fit into the wheelchair. You can gauge any seat that the proposed client utilizes at present, measure it from arm to arm and this ought to be what you should search for in any wheelchair you are buying on the web. Recall that you won’t be attempting it before purchasing so be careful to ensure you get everything right.

3.Seat Depth:

The height of the user is essential while considering the depth of the seat, which is measured from the front of the seat to the back. You can utilize any seat at home that the client is comfortable deciding any of the determinations including seat depth. Or you can measure the user back of buttocks to within knee when in seating position on a flat surface.

4.Seat to Floor Height:

This is measured from the floor to the seat. In the event that it is too short the user’s legs may be dragging on the floor, similarly on the off chance that it is too long, the leg will be dangling so it must be roughly flawless fit. If the client will be driving the seat with their feet it is essential to let the estimation reflect this, for this situation the patient’s feet must have the capacity to touch the floor while sitting normally on the seat.

5.Back Height:

Measured from top of back upholstery to base, ordinarily measured from inside wheelchair, this is the additional critical data you will require. Measure client from the highest point of his/her shoulder to the base of the posterior.

6.Arm Style:

There is a full arm and desk arm. Likewise, there are also fixed and removable types. Desk arm is that half arm that you see, this is great particularly on the off chance that you will be drawing nearer to entryways, tables and others things. The full arm is the conventional arm you find in wheelchairs.

7.Front Riggings:

Sometimes called footrest or leg rest, there is a difference between the two, a footrest is exactly as it says, a piece that is removable or settled to lay your foot on, so it accompanies a footplate. A leg rest enables you to rest the entire leg including your foot so it has a place to rest your calf and your foot. It can be elevating or non- elevating.

It is critical to purchase the correct one as this may cause more damage if you require a leg rest to hang your leg up because of some injury or disease. Your own doctor will choose best on this feature. Footrest or leg rests don’t typically accompany wheelchair unless expressed.

Description on-site & it’s meaning

Item Weight:

The genuine weight of the wheelchair with or without the leg rest. Most lightweight wheelchairs are around 36 LB.


Folding or non- folding wheelchair decides if you will have the capacity to transport this around in an auto or overlay it for storage.

Item Weight Capacity:

This is the heaviness of the expected user that the wheelchair can helpfully deal with. We by and large counsel that you purchase a wheelchair that can deal with in any event more than 50Lb of your body weight.

Overall Width:

This is critical data to know as it decides if a wheelchair will fit through the narrow entryway in your home or possibly through most entryways. As a general rule you can ask the dealer to measure the left outside wheels to the right outside wheels as well as the outermost parts of the wheels.

In the event that this is unthinkable at that point utilize the equation beneath.

Transport Chair: include 3″- 3 1/2″ to seat width

Wheelchair: Add least 8″ to seat width

At this point we trust we have addressed the majority of the queries you may have in regards to understanding the purchase process of a wheelchair. Now you shouldn’t have an issue in deciding the correct wheelchair, size, weight limit and the contrast between different embellishments.

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