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Shock Absorbers

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Buy Shock Absorbers Online At Industrybuying


Shock Absorbers are an important part of vehicles. It is very necessary to use while operating a vehicle. A Shock Absorber is used to absorb the shock and dampen it. This mechanical or hydraulic device converts the kinetic energy into another energy which is then wasted. Most shock absorbers do this by slowing the motion and absorbing energy.

How does Shock Absorber work?


The shock absorber works in such a way that when we hit any bump or dip on the road, our tire's surfaces touch the road with a strike. With this strike, the energy produced is then absorbed by the suspension and spring of the tire. Our shock absorbers then waste this shock by converting the kinetic energy into heat or thermal energy, which is then released.


Types of Shock Absorbers

1. Shock Absorbers

2. Dicky Boot Shocker

3. Strut Damper

4. Shock Absorber Strut Mount


How are Shock Absorbers different from Strut Dampers?


1. Shock absorbers are used only to eliminate the bounce when a car hits the bump, whereas a strut damper is not only used to eliminate bounce but also for alignment of the car, which makes steering and movement easy


2. Shock absorbers are not used to support the vehicle's weight, whereas a strut damper is used to support the weight of a vehicle


3. Shock absorbers are a part of the suspension and are not important in operating the vehicle, whereas a strut damper is an important part of the suspension and very necessary in order to operate a vehicle


What are the Advantages of Using Shock Absorber?

1. Life Expectancy: shock absorber absorbs energy that prevents any hit, scratches, or dent on the car. Thus preventing damages can increase the life of a car.


2. Safety of Machinery and Engine: shock absorber absorbs energy since the car doesn't hit the road, and the machinery and engine don't lose their speed and work properly, thus working efficiently.


3. Low cost and saves time: shock absorber increases the life expectancy of cars which leads to less service of a car from time to time and gives more mileage.


4. No pollution: shock absorber also prevents any pollution. Since there is no damage, the operating machinery works smoothly; thus no noise pollution. Also, due to the smooth working of the engine, there is no air pollution. Thus all the harmful effects are prevented.


5. Smoothness in machinery: shock absorber can work when machinery is working faster since its work is to absorb the bump and any other dip, which can affect the speed of machinery.


Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Shock Absorber


There are different types of shockers in the market that depend upon your speed, work, vehicle category, and vehicle type. There is no perfect shock absorber that can fit all types of vehicles. Therefore it is necessary for buyers to take time and look perfect for the right shock absorbers. Following are some points which can give you tips for choosing the right shock absorber:


Understand your requirements 

You must know what the requirement for your vehicle is. When you go into the market, you will see a variety of Shock absorbers. It is important for you to find the right one.


Purchasing from a reputable place 

Even though in today's world it is easy to buy products online still, you can get robbed or can get cheated. It is better if you buy from a reputable place that can guarantee the good quality of the product.

Industrybuying sells premium quality products from various categories at wholesale prices. We offer great deals and bulk purchases of products.


Proper time and thinking 

Do not rush in to buy Shock Absorber online. Take your time, give it a thought and then buy it. Industrybuying gives you complete information about the product and also provides you with a variety of product types with a variety of brands so that you have a full choice while choosing any product.


Best Brands Dealing in Shock Absorber


Monroe, TRW, and Gabriel are some of the best brands for purchasing Shock Absorber at Industrybuying. Industrybuying sells premium quality products from various categories at wholesale prices. We offer great deals and bulk purchases of products.

Top-Selling Shock Absorber at Industrybuying


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Monroe Mitsubishi Lancer Shock Absorbers Without Spring M2N3E1038

 Rs. 4500

 Rs. 3,978


Monroe Force Motors Traveller LH / RH Side Shock Absorbers Without Spring M2N3R7279

 Rs. 2100

 Rs. 1,607


Gabriel Chevrolet Tavera Shock Absorbers Rear AM-G23062

 Rs. 1,200

 Rs. 934


Gabriel AM-G23108 Rear Shock Absorbers for Chevrolet Beat

 Rs. 1600

 Rs. 1,359


Gabriel Mahindra XUV 500 FWD Shock Absorbers Rear RH/LH AM-W14344

 Rs. 2700

 Rs. 2,407


TRW Ford Ikon Front Shock Absorbers JGS976

 Rs. 3800

 Rs. 3,495


TRW Hyundai Santro Front Shock Absorbers JGM9601T

 Rs. 4900

 Rs. 4,745


TRW Toyota Fortuner Rear Shock Absorbers JGT979T

 Rs. 5789

 Rs. 5,354


Monroe Mahindra Scorpio XOS 2WD LH / RH Side Shock Absorbers Without Spring M2N3G2170

Rs. 2,500 

 Rs. 2,005


Monroe Mahindra Scorpio XOS 4WD LH / RH Side Shock Absorbers Without Spring M2N3G2171

 Rs. 2387

 Rs. 2,012


General Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. my shocks/ struts are new then also I hear noise from my vehicle, what is the reason?


This is a very common problem, the reason behind this is not struts or shock but the mount. You should check the attached parts with shock, It is possible that the mount may be worn out. Due to damage in the mount, the shock or strut may be moving up and down. It is also possible that the mount and shock are not attached properly and need to be screwed tightly.


Q2. What is the right time to replace my shock absorbers/ strut dampers?


You should replace your shock absorbers/ strut dampers probably after these 4 reasons:

1. Preventing damages and restoring the vehicle’s performance which can increase the life of a car (usually after 80,000 Km)

2. When the vehicle is used excessively especially for carrying items

3. When the machinery of the car is not working properly and is making noises

4. When the car is making noise pollution or air pollution


Q3. Where can we find the best Shock Absorbers online?


Industrybuying is your one-stop destination for buying Shock Absorbers online, We offer premium quality products from various categories at wholesale prices. We offer great deals and bulk purchases of products.


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