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Best Bolts to Fasten Your Workpieces Securely With

A bolt is a fastener that has helical threads that run along the entire length of its cylindrical shaft. The threads in the bolt serve the purpose of accommodating a nut in order to secure the intended objects or components of a system firmly in place. The nut and bolt combination very often tends to get loose in applications where there are recurring vibrations and rotational movements involved, several locking mechanisms are employed in a bid to prevent the parts fastened components from straying loose.

Types of Bolts

A bolt may be classified as a lag bolt, a cap bolt, a center bolt, a collar bolt, a dom bolt or a hex bolt, among many other types. A hex bolt is defined as a bolt that possesses a hexagon-shaped head. It finds extensive use in construction of railway lines and bridges. It is also used to fasten wood and steel in such a manner that they can withstand heavy weights with ease. A hex bolt is also used in applications that entail rendering strength to truss blocks.  

How is a Bolt Different from a Screw?

A bolt is very often confused with a screw. However, the two are very different. A bolt is a fastener that secures objects by allowing a nut to tighten over its shaft on the other side in such a manner that the objects being fastened are sandwiched between the head of the bolt on one side and the nut on the other.   A screw simply makes its way through the objects being fastened without depending on any substrate to be wound in on the other end. 

Why Buy Bolts Online at Industrybuying?

At Industrybuying, we provide you with the widest collection of bolts online at the best prices. You get to choose from lag bolts, cap bolts, center bolts, collar bolts, dom bolts, hex bolts, long bolts, sprinkler hangers, SS hex bolts, start bolts and structural bolts to even u bolts. We value your money and have only on-boarded the top brands renowned for their superior-quality bolts such as TVS, Panchsheel, APL, LPS Fasteners, Mahavir Fasteners, Agarwal Fasteners and  Raj, to name a few.We also house  an array of other fasteners such as washers, hex wrench sets, threaded rods, dowel pins, circlips, taper pins, rivets, springs, screw punches, clamps, cylindrical pins, PCB mountings, among others.

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