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Relays are electric switches that use electromagnetism to convert nominal electrical inducements into vaster current flows. In simple terms, it is an electric switch that connects or disconnects two circuits using an electrical indication to regulate an electromagnet. Using a relay for the appliances can prove to be advantageous and practical in multiple ways making the conversion of power uncomplicated. As per the preferred application, relays can effectively function as a switcher; or they can also act as an amplifier for the electric circuit. 




The basic functioning of relays is the same. One circuit is employed to supply energy to another. But understanding the type-specific functioning of each kind depends on whether the relay is NO (Normally open) or NC (Normally closed). 




In open relays, the second circuit is primarily a larger one and is by default in the off position. A magnetic field is generated attracting a contact to join with the larger circuit (the second one), letting the current flow through readily with activation of electromagnet as the power streams via the input circuit. The device is turned off, precluding the flow of electricity as the spring pulls the connection out from the second circuit. 





The fundamental functioning of the NC relays is principally the same as NO relays, indicating the presence of two circuits and the second being the larger one with physical contact between two positions advanced by the electromagnets. What differentiates NC relays from the No relays is the inverted default states. Contact from the second circuit is essentially drawn out from the electromagnet as and when the first circuit is activated. 




There's a long list classifying relays based on their specifications. Some of the types include Latching, Electromechanical, Electronic, Non-Latching, Reed, Electrothermal, High-Voltage, Small Signal, Multi-Dimensional, Thermal, Differential, Solid-state relay, Hybrid, Distance, Frequency, Polarized, Rotary, Moving Coil, Buchholz, and Safety, Supervision, Ground Fault. 


Apart from these, there are a few types of relays that are more crucially common. 


  • Time Delay Relays


This category of relays is preferable for time-based applications that require electrifying the components of the application for a certain duration of time or when a component must be switched on & off after a specific delay. Time delay relays are further divided into specific parts but the two main categories we need to know about are On-Delay timers and Off-Delay Timers. 


1. On-Delay Timers

2. Off-Delay Timers



  • Sequential Relays 


Typical Application of this type of relay involves power supply sequencing. When multiple components are required to be operated in a particular set of order then sequential relays are used to power them. 


  • Automotive Relays 


Manufacturers implement numerous advanced applications as per modern electrical conveniences to enhance safety elements. For Example, Gas Valves, Headlights, Windshield Wipers, Interior Lighting, Alarm systems, Warning systems as used for weight limits, seatbelt usage, etc. Automotive Relays are used for the successful implementation of such technology, making it work in a manageable mode.  




Before finalising the purchase one should definitely study all the details in a precise and accurate manner even though a relay is a reliable product but nevertheless, it is a mechanical component and can be faulty in some cases. Generally, Identifying a defective relay is not a problematic process and can be fixed conveniently as well. All you need to do is


1. Find the actual locations of the circuit entering and exiting the relay (These areas are typically masked by pins).

2.After locating the points, measure the voltage at each point using a multimeter.



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Omron ZEN-20C1DR-D-V2 Programmable Relay

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Omron LY4N-D2 24 VDC Bi-Power relay

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Schneider LT4760M7S Electronic Motor Protection Relay

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SJ 1-50 H.P VSP 3 Single Phase Preventor With Auto

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Minilec 1 CO + 1 CO/2 CO Output 3 Phase 3 Wire Monitoring Relay




Selec 900VPR-BL-U-CE Digital Voltage Protection Relay




Schneider LRD3365 Thermal Overload Relay

Rs. 9,016






  • What are the advantages of relays?


Using relays can prove to be beneficial in countless ways, one of which is its capacity to stimulate more functionality into a precise space of the same size. It basically reduces the need for high-amperage wiring and switches, reducing the space and cost. Thus even if an application doesn't need a relay, using one can surely benefit in multiple ways. 



  • Where to shop for relays in India?


Relays are easily available online with a number of websites being easily accessible to make your purchase an easier one. But here at, we provide products at the most acceptable prices. 



  • What are the Different Types of RelayCcontacts?


The term Relays can also be replaced with ‘Poles and Throws’, the number of circuits it switches, and the number of contacts settles this classification. 

  1. Single Pole Single Throw
  2. Single Pole Double Throw
  3. Double Pole Single Throw
  4. Double Pole Double Throw



  • How does a Relay Work? 


  1. A Relay functions on the principles of electromagnetic induction.
  2. A magnetic field is induced when an electromagnet applies some current.
  3. In order to spread DC current to the load, a switch is placed.
  4. The copper coil and the iron core are used to act as electromagnets in the relay.
  5. The energising of the relay begins as soon as the coil is applied with DC current as it starts attracting the contact. 
  6. The de-Energizing of the relay is done when the supply is removed, retrieving the original position back.

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