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A machine tool is an instrument that is used to handle metals or other rigid elements, such as cutting, shaping, adjusting the shape or shearing them. Examples include milling machines, drilling machines, planers, grinders and more. 


What Are Machining Accessories?

The efficiency and productivity of any machine depend on its accessories, such as clamps, car care tools, automotive maintenance etc. There are different types of Machining Accessories ranging from vices and clamps to cutting bits. They offer an economical solution to a lot of tooling setups. When used in combination with the machine, these accessories assist in improving the productivity of the machine and reduce the chances of failure. There are several benefits of using Machining Accessories. 


Importance Of Machining Accessories:

Similarly, One of the many Machining Accessories used in the machinist's trade is the machinist's dye or bluing. This ink-like product is painted or wiped onto the metal and allowed to dry. Once dried, use another of the various Machining Accessories, an awl, to scribe a mark into the blued area. This process creates a reference line that is more visible as the metal being machined gets closer and closer to completion. Machinist dye, also known as bluing, is a chemical that can be painted or wiped onto a piece of metal. Once dried, an awl can be used to describe a reference line into the blued area. This process makes it easier for the machinist to see as they machine other parts of the metal.


Lathe machine, Accessories & Their Functions:

Lathe is a machine tool that helps in performing various tasks, including cutting, knurling, drilling, turning etc. In machine tool engineering, the term “accessories” is used to refer to the various devices or elements which are mounted on the headstock — and hence to the lathe spindle — to hold, guide and drive workpieces. More specifically, a general-purpose tool basically comprises a power drive, a kinematic system for essential formative and auxiliary tools – work motions and a rigid body or structure to accommodate all of the above. 


There are several elements required for holding and supporting a workpiece. They are known as accessories. Let us talk about some of such accessories.


  • Centres- Centre is a cylindrical part that can be used in three places. First, it is used during drilling work. Secondly, it is required to mount the workpiece onto the lathe spindle. Lastly, it may be required to operate bearings of different shapes and sizes. 


  • Chucks- Chuck is a special device used to hold and rotate the workpiece in Machining Accessories. The jaws of the chuck are tight around the workpiece by means of a turning mechanism. A chuck can be attached to the lathe spindle by the use of two bolts with the back plate screwed on the nose of the spindle. There are many types of chucks, but the following two are commonly used:


  • Three Jaw Universal Chuck- Also known as self-centring chuck or scroll chuck, it is used for holding round products.


  • Four Jaw Independent Chuck- It has four jaws that are reversible and can be adjusted independently.


Other chucks include magnetic chuck, drill chuck, collet chuck and more.


  • Lathe Carrier Or Dog- Lathe dogs and carriers are used in the toolpost to locate and hold work while turning. The work is placed on a mandrel, held between centres or in a tailstock holder. To rotate positively, the dog or carrier is clamped to one end of the workpiece with its jaws engaging a pin attached to the drive plate or face plate. The straight type dog may be employed for high feeds and small diameters, while the bent type is better suited for general use as it can withstand greater forces.


  • Drive Plate: It carries a hole pin which is used only when the product is held in a lathe dog having a straight tail.


  • Face Plate: Face plates are like drive plates, except that they have more T slots and are larger in diameter. This makes them useful for holding large parts that you cannot easily grip with a chuck or collet.


  • Mandrel- A mandrel is a cylindrical bar having a centre hole at all the ends. Hollow workpieces can be used by it.


The centre rest is workpiece support made of two identical parts clamped to the table, one on either side at the same distance from the centre. Each half supports half of the workpiece, with three contact points 120° apart. Each part has adjustable support jaws for three-point clamping, a standard for most machine tools with a 4-sided bed and tool holders that can be rotated in any direction.


Milling Machines & Accessories:

Milling machines are used to cut precise and accurate shapes using a rotating cutting tool. Typical milling machines have vertical working positions and horizontal travel capabilities, making them a popular choice among machinists to make precise cuts on the flat shell of a workpiece. In addition to the cutting tool and machine bed, other machining accessories can be used to increase productivity while working on a milling machine. Multifunction clamps may be used to hold the workpiece in place, while boring fixtures can allow for drilling holes or boring out material quickly and accurately. Additionally, collets or clamping devices are also required when working with milling machines to hold the proper cutting bit firmly in place so that it does not move during use. 


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Let us look at some Machining Accessories-


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are machine tools?

A machine tool is an instrument that is used to handle metals or other rigid elements such as cutting, shaping, adjusting the shape or shearing them. 


2. What are Machining Accessories?

Accessories that work with machine tools to increase productivity and ease operation are known as Machining Accessories.


3. Name some Machining Accessories.

Some Machining Accessories are centres, chucks, drive plates, face plates, Mandrels, Angle Plates and Lathe Carrier.


4. What is a lathe?

A lathe is a machine tool that helps in performing various tasks related to cutting, knurling, drilling, shaping etc.


5. Where can I buy the best quality Machining Accessories?

You can easily shop for Machining Accessories from Industrybuying online store and choose a hassle-free mode of delivery. 


6. What is an Angle Plate?

An angle plate is used to hold workpieces in a suitable position.


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