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Material Handling and Packaging is a skilful craft of enclosing and safeguarding materials whether for sale, storage, delivery, or preservation. Although it appears to be a simple activity, it is not! Manually wrapping and transporting items will take a long time and will make the procedure impractical. The creative use of packaging equipment reduces the number of people required and simplifies the process. Aristo, Indef, Hulk, Fulcrum, HS Machine India, Voltas Youngman, Stanley, Godrej, Jet, Kepro, IB Basics, etc. are some of the leading Material Handling & Packaging brands available on


What Tools are Classified as Material Handling & Packaging Equipment?

A wide range of items and tools are required for the day-to-day operations of a logistics company. You cannot overlook the need for shipping labels, Chain Pulley Blocks and accessories, Hoists and Trolleys, Hydraulic Trolley Jacks, Ladders, and Lifting Clamps, especially if you want to retain excellent productivity. Material handling and packaging products help to streamline the entire process while also keeping things organised.


Why Material Handling & Packaging Equipment is important?

Material Handling & Packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe delivery of the commodities. It helps to smooth out the whole process and keeps things in order. Material handling equipment includes a varied array of tools, transporters, storage units, appliances, and accessories. Transporting, storing, controlling, enumerating, and protecting products at any step of manufacturing, distribution, consumption, or disposal, are different use cases of Material Handling products.


Types of Material Handling & Packaging Equipment

Many businesses that need to manage and store bulk materials rely on material handling equipment and systems. Material handling equipment, in general, refers to machinery that is used to move, handle, protect, or store materials in warehouses and other facilities. Here is a broad categorisation by the functioning:


1. Bulk handling: The storage, transportation, and control of commodities in loose bulk form is referred to as bulk material handling. Food, liquids, and minerals are examples of cases where bulk handling becomes important. Generally, bulk handling machinery deals with materials that are either loose, such as conveyor belts or elevators, meant to transfer vast amounts of material or bundles such as drums and hoppers. Stackers, reclaimers, hoppers, bucket elevators, and dump trucks are a few of its examples.

2. Engineered Systems: Engineered systems, often known as automated systems, are automated bulk material handling devices used to move and store materials. They're incredibly popular because they eliminate the need for manual work across a variety of jobs. Conveyor belts, robotic delivery systems, and AGVs are the most common types of engineered systems.

3. Storage and handling: Many businesses have looked into ways for improving storage efficiency by developing customised packaging that allow materials or products of a specific sort to save space while in stock. Pallets, shelves, and racks are the most common types of storage equipment, and they are used to store products in an organised fashion in preparation for shipment or consumption. Racks, stacking frames, and pallet invertors are a few examples.

4. Industrial material handling trucks: The various types of transportation goods and vehicles used to carry materials and products in materials handling are referred to as Industrial Trucks (material handling trucks). Small hand-operated pallet trucks, pallet jacks, and various types of forklifts are some examples of these transportation devices.


How to Maintain your Material Handling & Packaging Equipment Stock?

Maintenance is an important step in ensuring the integrity of your equipment. A regular maintenance schedule will guarantee that your equipment is in good working order while also giving you a clearer idea of what needs to be fixed.

1. The equipment needs to be regularly inspected in order to ensure proper working. They need to be lubricated and checked for any clogging and oil leakage. You would also need to conduct regular inspections to make sure that the materials are in proper working order.

2. Teams can be trained to better understand the maintenance and preservation of the equipment.  Tracking the number of hours your team operates the equipment is the best method to determine when it requires maintenance. Following the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations is the best way to ensure that your equipment performs as it should.

3. Prevention is better than cure and it goes perfectly when it comes to securing the inventory. It is of essence that the warehouse and storage spaces are pest-controlled and moisture-free. It has to be taken care that the place is safe from flooding and high temperature. There are small details that can help keep your stock safe and sound for a prolonged time and preserve its operations.


Safety Measures To be Kept in Mind While Using the Equipment

Here is a list of pointers to be considered while handling the equipment:


1. Workers will be less likely to get injured if they are provided with protective equipment when moving goods manually. Eye protection, helmets, gloves, steel-toed safety boots, and metal fiber or plastic metatarsal guards to protect the instep area from impact or compression are all standard protective equipment.

2. By improving your equipment, you can reduce the amount of manual material handling. Rather than carrying things by hand, use conveyor belts, forklifts, and conveyor belt scales to move them. This will not only reduce material handling risks, but will also help to boost production and profits.

3. Many facilities have a lot of noise and vibration, so it's critical to safeguard your employees' hearing ability. Vibration causes noise, but it can also induce musculoskeletal issues at work and tiredness in general. You may considerably reduce noise and vibration by introducing the appropriate equipment, such as wheel materials.

4. Material handling by hand is dangerous, time-consuming, and exhausting. You may make the process safer, faster, and more efficient by selecting the appropriate equipment. Conveyor belt systems provide several advantages when it comes to moving weight loads of various sizes and shapes. Storage equipment (shelves, racks, and pallets) and bulk material equipment are also available for material handling (trucks, silos, drums, and grain elevators). Designate and train the relevant people on the proper procedures, and make sure to follow them.


The Leading Brands in The Industry

Take a glance at the leading manufacturers of material handling and packaging equipment available on our site:


1. FulcrumFulcrum was founded in 1999 with headquarters in New Jersey, USA. It is a leading business platform that actively partners with other companies being the best solutions in digital and engineering sectors.

2. GodrejThe Godrej Group is a Mumbai-based Indian multinational company that is run and largely owned by the Godrej family. Established in 1897, it is a leading producer of material handling equipment in India.

3. StanleyStanley is a global manufacturer and provider of hand tools, power tools, and related accessories, as well as engineered fastening systems, storage, and electronic security, mechanical access, healthcare, infrastructure, and other solutions.

4. Hi-LiftHi-Lift Logistics Limited is a Papua New Guinean firm that specialises in complete Customs Clearance, Cartage Contracting, Freight Forwarding Services, and other related services.

5. IndefIncorporated in 1962, Indef has been known as the pioneer of tried-and-true material handling equipment, which has helped us become market leaders in our fields. The company promotes excellence and sustainability through ground-breaking design and new technology.

6. HS Machine IndiaThe company came into existence in 1981. HS Machine India is a well-known manufacturer of rolling shutter strip producing machines, wire rope hoists, EOT cranes, concrete mixer machines, and monkey lifts, among other things.


Why purchase Material Handling & Packaging Equipment Online from Industrybuying?

We hear your demands and we are here to fulfil them. With the greatest brands available on our online platforms and the availability of bulk dispatch, you do not need to worry. Industrybuying has products across all categories that are quality tested and efficient in their functioning. We have globally leading companies such as Fulcrum, Loadmate, Galaxy, Godrej, Stanley, Jet, Hulk, HS Machine India, Brancley, Alkon, Envoy, Akar, Voltas, Jalal, and many others.

Industrybuying recognises the importance of excellent quality products. It is crucial that the products are made of high-grade material and exhibit the highest level of dependability. Keeping in perspective the industrial needs and demands, Industrybuying keeps the most highly regarded industrial tools on its platform. With their inventive goods and highly efficient operating processes, these brands have set industry quality milestones. Sot, if you're looking for Material Handling & Packaging Equipment online, here are some of our top selling products from this category:


Best-Selling Products:

S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Fulcrum Mini Electric Hoist 2000W with 30mtr Lifting Height PA-1200

Rs. 14,500

Rs. 13,800


Fulcrum 3 Ton Geared Trolley GCL-3T

Rs. 7,500

Rs. 5,800


Big apple BA-354 16 Steps Foldable and Adjustable Multipurpose Aluminium Ladder 150kg Capacity

Rs. 6,800

Rs. 6,400


SUPREME 9 Ltr 400x300x100 mm Blue Plastic Crates SCL-403010

Rs. 240

Rs. 200


Reliable Hub's Rubber 4 inch Shopping Trolley Wheels 40000186

Rs. 2,000

Rs. 1,800


Expeed 500 Kg Scissor Lift Table PT 500P

Rs. 31,200

Rs. 30,000

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